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Yandex Browser free download

Yandex Browser is a simple and easy-to-use internet browser from the well-known Internet Company Yandex. The browser has a concise interface that provides you with a lot of free space for browsing the web. You can download Yandex browser for free and see for yourself. The built-in synchronization function allows you to quickly import all your bookmarks and settings into your Yandex account. You can download Yandex browser free from the official website.

Yandex Browser
Yandex Browser is a free browser, popular among Russian speaking users


Product Title:Yandex
Category:Browsers and Plugins
Last Updated:August 14, 2019
Language Support:Multiple Languages
Download Size:112 MB – Download Now

Why download the Yandex Browser?

On the Internet, there is a wide variety of browsers that allow you to go to any pages and use them as the user wishes. To choose the best browser for work, you should appreciate the advantages of each option: all its pros and cons in work.

  1. Integration with the service, which is presented by the developers of the browser. You can find language translations, cloud storage, maps and other tools on the toolbar. Very useful are services to provide information about traffic jams or weather on the street.
  2. High security. The developers have combined all the successes and achievements of Kaspersky Lab and implemented them in a browser that is protected from virus attacks and spam. As soon as the page loads, it is immediately checked for malicious codes and files, identifying potential threats to the computer.
  3. Synchronization with other devices – you can continue surfing the web, opening your bookmarks and history even on another device.
  4. Turbo mode allows you to increase the speed of downloading images, videos, and other files. Slow connection speed is not a hindrance. When typing in the search engine immediately results. Its speed is comparable to rival Google Chrome.
  5. To eliminate that distract users, thumbnails were created. In the scoreboard, you can fix the twenty most important tabs. You will appreciate the recognizable site logos, which allows you to quickly navigate through visual bookmarks.
  6. In some browsers, the tabs are activated immediately upon opening, but that if you want to view the video later, in this case in Yandex everything is provided, opening the link in a new tab will not start playing right away only after activation.

Fast work with traffic saving

The developers have added the Turbo 2.0 function to the program, which allows saving Internet traffic not only when reading websites, but also while watching videos. Flexible settings allow you to disable the loading of images and video.

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The Yandex Browser user gets the opportunity to quickly enter the site by entering only its name in the search box. Quickly make bookmarks, sorting them into folders for easy access. The application form Yandex for Android expands the concept of a mobile browser.


Yandex provides advanced security due to the functions of protection from dangerous sites, obscene or shocking banners and fraudulent applications. Attackers will not be able to independently subscribe to a paid resource. Such actions should receive your confirmation. Having connected to the public Wi-Fi network, you cannot worry about the transmitted information. The data encryption system reliably protects them from interception.

Yandex Browser is like a robot with advanced artificial intelligence, knowing what you really want. At the request of the user, after installation on the computer, he automatically transfers all bookmarks and the history of visited pages from another popular browser to his database, so that you can immediately start using it in your work. The most important and extremely important aspect is that this browser has full contact with Yandex, for example, mail, search engine, translator and other functions are on the toolbar and are very easy to use.

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