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WinRAR Latest Version Download

Pack programs are useful when sending files over the Internet or when burning data to CD or DVD. These tools partially reduce the file size of files by compression by more than 50 percent. An alternative to the zipping feature of Windows or freeware such as “7-Zip” is “WinRAR”. In addition to the standard ZIP format, WinRAR has mastered the more powerful RAR format, which is ideal for multimedia files. In addition, use “WinRAR” to extract the archive types CAB, ARJ, LZH / LHA, ZIP, BZIP2, JAR, TAR, GZIP, 7ZIP, ACE, UUE, and ISO. In addition, compressing in RAR5 format allows for some faster and more space-saving work. However, the format is not backward compatible, which is why older RAR unpacking cannot process this archive type.

Download WingRAR

Pack and Unpack Archives with WinRAR

The handling of this software is very easy. If you would like to create a new archive, select the files via a dialog box or drag and drop them onto the program window. The size of the archives is virtually unlimited. If an antivirus program is installed on your PC, “WinRAR” examines a file on request already during unpacking for any virus attack. Very useful when unpacking is small functions such as the option to delete a file archive immediately after completing decompression or to automatically replace, skip or rename existing or duplicate files. In addition, file archives can be protected with an individual password and secure 256-bit AES encryption, which is approved in the US for documents with the highest level of secrecy. Frequently used passwords can be stored in the password manager and retrieved at any time. This is useful if you want to unpack several encrypted archives (with the same password) at the same time.


Name of Software: WinRAR

Last Updated: 02/10/2018

Compatibility: Windows 10/8/7/ Vista/ XP

Program Type: Trial version (40 days free trial)

File Size: 3.10 MB

Publisher: Alexander Roshal

Software Category: Utility | Compression, and Backup

Use WinRAR Assistant to Pack Files and Unpack Archives

With already quite simple use for beginners above all the integrated assistant of “WinRAR” is helpful, with which you pack data dialogue-led, unpack or add to an existing archive. If you want to visually spice up the pack program, you can download free skins for the interface from the Internet. If you prefer it more efficient and puristic, use the command line mode of the packer software.

Split with WinRAR Archive

With the split function of this full free software, you automatically distribute data to multiple archives called multivolume archives. For example, larger amounts of data can be divided into convenient 700-megabyte portions and then burned to CDs. “WinRAR” will be integrated into the Windows interface on request. For example, you can extract archives from Explorer or add new files to an existing RAR archive. By means of a search function, it is possible to search archives for file names or contained text passages. Potentially dangerous contents (such as those with executable code such as EXE or SCR files) can be excluded from unpacking with appropriate security settings.

Create Self-extracting EXE Archives with WinRAR

The ability to calculate the size of an archive before it is actually packaged or to create self-extracting EXE files proves very useful. Such EXE archives can be unpacked without an additional program. So users who have not installed a packager can still unpack the compressed documents. Practical: “WinRAR” can convert foreign archives, such as CAB, ZIP or ARJ files, into RAR format, whereby single or multiple archives can be converted at the same time. Broken archives can also be repaired. This detects missing or added files and replaces the corresponding records, including recovery information.

Does WinRAR Trial Permanently Free as a Full Version?

You can try the free shareware or trial version of “WinRAR” for free for 40 days. After this test phase, “WinRAR” will continue to function without any restrictions. However, you will be informed by a notice screen on the purchase of the full version and on the removal of the packer. This is also noted in the terms and conditions, but the manufacturer relies on the honesty of users.

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