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Winamp Latest Version Download

Without exaggeration, the legendary Winamp player is a versatile player of music and video files, featuring the simplicity and attractiveness of the interface, a wealth of functions and the ability to connect extensible modules. The application has evolved over 15 years, has acquired functionality and gained popularity in all countries. You can use the player not only in Windows, but also on Mac OS X, Linux, and Android. Winamp Latest Version Download link is available with fullfreesoftwaredownload.com

Winamp Latest Version Download
Winamp is a free and very popular multimedia player.


Product Title:Winamp
Category:MP3 and Audio
Last Updated:October 19, 2018
Language Support:Multiple Languages
Download Size:16 MB – Download Now

Features and functionalities of Winamp

Winamp Latest Version Download will allow you to test its functionality. The player has gained popularity due to the widest possibilities, which fit into a small stylish looking window. The main advantage is the supported formats: in addition to the most common mp3, WAV, WMA, AAC, and FLAC, the application launches rarely used OGG, MID / MIDI, M4A, AU, ULT and many others.

Not less rich is the set of video formats: the application easily opens both standard video files (AVI, M4V, MPG / MPEG, MP4, WMV, MKV), flash video (SWF, FLV) and rare types of WebM and NSV files.

The player can:

  • play music from discs;
  • include surround sound (in tracks with five channels (5.1) and with the help of settings);
  • play streams;
  • level the volume;
  • smoothly switch tracks;
  • loopback playback;
  • play music in random order;
  • convert file formats;
  • adjust the sound through the equalizer and sound effects;
  • show visuals;
  • connect add-ons.

Millions of users fell in love with the player for a pleasant interface: a huge number of skins (or color schemes) are available to choose from, you can customize your own design. The libraries of the tracks display album covers that can be customized, and the main player window, made in a pleasant style, has sound diagrams and equalizers.

The latest versions of Winamp help write tracks to disk, receive signals from a line input and connect to the Internet to search and display information about the track being played. The player is also capable of:

  • synchronize track lists via Wi-FI with Android devices;
  • work with USB-drives;
  • include Internet TV;
  • work as an internet radio;
  • sort music in any convenient way;
  • save your listening history.

The application is easily minimized to the notification area, the window size can always be changed in the most convenient way, and most importantly – even with the support of hardware acceleration, the program does not require powerful hardware.

History of Winamp

Before Winamp latest version download you should get acquainted with the history of the program. The very first version of Winamp appeared in the spring of 1997 when there was a serious shortage among music players. At first, the application looked like a small window that opens and plays mp3 files only through the list menu.

Developer Justin Frankel worked tirelessly on the program, trying to create a universal and functional player that supports as many formats as possible, so the next version, released just a month later, could not only play music and work with several files at the same time but also display all the information about the tracks. Already at this stage, the classic appearance of the legendary player was born.

The first full version was released in the summer of 1997 when Tom Pepper and Dmitry Boldyrev joined the development. It was from this version that the application began to gain popularity. The interface has been improved, functions have been added, and the spectrogram is now displayed in the window – a visually pleasing addition that is almost not found in other programs.

In January 1998, the main developer founded the company Nullsoft, which then for a long time engaged in further improving the player. Soon a company mascot appeared – a South American llama.

The second-generation Winamp released in the fall of 1998. This version made the player extremely popular due to significantly increased functionality. But the third generation, released in 2002, failed, and the player would have remained in history if it were not for the decision in 2003 to release the fifth generation of the application at once. This version is now known to most modern users because there were almost no computers on which they did not install the application.

In 2007, version 5.5 was released with a completely redesigned interface and many innovations, and in 2010 version 5.6 appeared, which gained the ability to work with mobile devices, synchronize playlists and install on Windows 7. Despite the fact that Nullsoft no longer exists, despite the many oversold of rights to develop the program, there remains the hope of the emergence of a new sixth version with an even greater set of possibilities.

Other advantages and disadvantages of the application

Now the Winamp latest version download is available free, you can install the player on Windows 10, and on any other versions, as well as on Linux, MAC OS and Android.

  • The remaining unassisted pluses:
  • low application weight;
  • impressive performance;
  • fully customizable user interface;
  • control both the mouse and keyboard shortcuts;

The disadvantages include the obscure future of the player and the lack of support for the MOV video format, but they are offset by a huge number of advantages.

Winamp Latest Version Download is easy and completely free

Before Winamp Latest Version Download for free, you should read the characteristics of the software and the requirements for your device. It is very easy to download and install the program. You can download the multimedia software from its official website.

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