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Winamp Latest Version Download

Winamp Media Player
Download Latest Version of Winamp

With “Winamp” sound and video files can not only be heard and watched but also organized clearly. In addition to audio CDs, the classic plays almost all image and sound formats: for example, AAC, AIF, OGG, M4A, MIDI, WAV, MP3, RA and WMA in the field of sound and MKV, DIVX, AVI, WMV, VCD, FLV, XVID and WebM in the Film Department. However, to play MP4 videos you need to download a free plug-in.


Name of Software: Winamp

Type of Software: Freeware

Category: Multimedia Software| Media Player | Mp3 and Audio Player

Compatibility: Windows

Publisher: Nullsoft

Size: 12.26 MB

Last Updated: 18/10/2018

Listening to the Radio with Winamp

Also for listening to Internet radio “Winamp” is interesting, because you can access tens of thousands of SHOUTcast stations. The channels are sorted by genre and therefore quite fast to find. Save your favorites as bookmarks. “Winamp” also processes SHOUTcast TV streams or manually recorded audio and video streams.

Manage Music and Videos

Multimedia files can be conveniently organized in the media library. At the click of a mouse, “Winamp” reads music and movies from selected folders or entire drives. Then you assign the individual pieces to different categories such as “audio” or “video”. This sorting can be refined with further information such as “artist”, “album”, “genre” or “year of publication”. In addition, a direct search and the evaluation of songs are possible. Practical: You can compare the media library with portable players. Likewise, the import of iTunes libraries is provided.

Rip Songs Directly from Music CDs

With “Winamp” non-copy-protected CDs can be stored on the hard disk. This so-called ripping runs in the free version only with eightfold speed and supports only the formats AAC, aacPlus, WMA and WAV. To create MP3 files, you need the paid Pro version. Even the burning of CDs is possible in the free version, but also runs sluggishly (at twice the speed). However, this feature is a bit hidden: you need to drag the desired tracks or a playlist onto the CD icon in the Media Library.

Winamp with Free plug-ins Expand

One of the strengths of “Winamp” is the easy integration of additional functions via plug-ins. Hundreds of extensions are available for free download on the net. This allows you to control the media player via smartphone, for example, or to save Internet radio streams as MP3 files on the hard disk.

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