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VLC Media Player Latest Version Download

If you want to get along in the media jungle of file formats and codecs, the professional tool for videos, music, and streams, VLC Media Player has the best to offer. The universal media player, which is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux, as well as iOS and Android apps, play virtually all current audio and video formats. Video files in MPEG, AVI, WMV, MOV, MKV, FLV (Flash Video) or 3G formats are played as well as WAV, MP3, FLAC, OGG, WMA or RealAudio music files as well as AACs for iPhone and iPad. The software even recognizes dozens of special codecs like DivX and Xvid or HD formats like AES3, Dolby Digital Plus, TrueHD, Blu-ray Linear PCM and RealVideo 3.0 / 4.0. Thus, you can play video in 4K and 8K and HDR (under Windows 10) as easily as 360-degree videos.

VLC Media Player
Download VLC Media Player Free


Name of Software: VLC Media Player

Type of Software: Open Source

Category: Multimedia Software| | Media Player

Compatibility: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS

Publisher: VideoLAN Team

Size: 39.91 MB

Last Updated: 11/01/2019

Use VLC Media Player as a DVD Player and YouTube Downloader

Of course, playing the VLC Player even playing audio CDs, (Super) Video CDs or DVDs no problems. The program is also prepared for the playback of Blu-ray discs – for licensing reasons, however, only films without copy protection are supported. Even with the Internet, “VLC” understands itself well and plays online videos as a stream, without the clip must already be completely loaded on the calculator. To do this, simply feed the player with the Internet address of a YouTube video, and playback starts. If you like, you can save the YouTube or Vimeo movie via the “Tools / Codec Information” function on the local hard disk. Thanks to features like “Adaptive Streaming”, the stream adapts to the current bandwidth,

Stream Movies: Chromecast, DLNA, or UPnP

The “VLC Player” can also be used as a “sender”. Whether you play in the private home network (such as via DLNA or UPnP) video files on your TV or other devices or want to present clips on your website, the “VLC Media Player” is well equipped with its features for all situations. Streaming through Chromecast support is especially easy. If the streaming stick from Google is active in the same network, one mouse click is enough and you have already established a connection to your TV set.

Convert Videos to MP4 for iPhone & iPad

The “VLC Media Player” can also be used to convert audio and video files, for example, to make your favorite clips for playback on the iPad or iPhone fit. Or save a DVD movie as a space-saving MP4 file on your computer. Even existing copy protection does not bother, because “VLC” acts as a simple “video recorder”: the DVD is played and “recorded”.

Optimize Picture and Sound with the VLC Media Player

In terms of playback control, the VLC Media Player has a lot to offer: In addition to the usual playback, you can view videos in frames (“frames”), repeat selected passages in a loop or save photos of the current image. During video playback, the image can be cropped, rotated, scaled and adjusted in aspect ratio. With additional filters, you can also change hue, contrast, brightness, and saturation, or add effects such as mirroring, motion blur and film grain – all in real time! For audio playback, a sound filter (equalizer) is available. If the picture and sound do not match perfectly, the data can be “dubbed” by an adjustable delay.

Tune VLC player Optics with Free Skins

Countless other features characterize the 64-bit version of the “VLC Media Player”. Playing files directly from ZIP archives, playing incomplete sounds and videos, customizable keyboard control, CD-Text & CDDB support and timed recording make “VLC” a multimedia all-rounder. There are many “skins” for visual pep, which you can download from Full Free Software Download. Professionals also appreciate the free configurability of “VLC” – in terms of both the surface and the “technical substructure”.

The Conclusion to the VLC Media Player

With the free VLC Media Player, you play (almost) all videos and audio files from MP4 and MP3 over DivX to MKV as well as DVDs, audio CDs and video CDs. Plus point: The inconspicuous media center works without the hassle of installing codecs. In addition to the standard playback function, the freeware player also offers features such as streaming in the home network, saving Internet streams (for example from YouTube) and cutting film clips. However, these functions are partially hidden and therefore not intuitively accessible.

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