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Visual Studio Community 2019 download

Visual Studio Community is one of the three versions of Microsoft Visual Studio which is available free for developers.  It is an IDE (or integrated development environment) created and maintained by Microsoft, for Windows (although there is already a Mac version) and which supports a large number of programming languages ​​such as C #, C ++, Visual Basic, Java, F #, Python, PHP or Ruby. Microsoft Visual Studio Community allows people to create computer programs, apps, and websites, as well as services that communicate their developments among themselves.

Visual Studio Community
Visual Studio Community 2019 download


Product Title:Visual Studio Community
Developer:Microsoft Corporation
Category:Developer Tools
Last Updated:July 12, 2019
Language Support:Multilingual
Download Size: 44.10 MB – Download Now

What can you do with Visual Studio Community

The program allows you to combine related projects into groups called “solutions”. The appearance of the studio can be changed as desired. You have the opportunity to move any toolbar to the proper place and fix it there. Microsoft Visual C x64 2019 offers users a bunch of templates for different projects and a convenient code editor. It contains syntax highlighting. You can collapse the structure of the code and highlight important lines.

In it, in order to make the interface, you do not need to write code. All necessary elements are located on the toolbar. After they take their places, you can adjust their size and align with each other. In the designer, there is a window with the code of each element, in case you need to change something in it.

Another reason to download Microsoft Visual C 2019 is its integration with the well-known Eclipse development environment. Microsoft took an active part in supporting its new partners, and programs were able to work in both development environments together. Remember, for the studio to work correctly you need to download Microsoft Visual C Redistributable 2019 x64, x32. The official version of this library package is free. You can find the version for any type of system – x32 / 64. Anyone can download Visual Studio 2019 for free, if not going to use it in the enterprise.

Visual Studio Community Features

The latest version of the Community offers a large number of improvements that greatly expanded the capabilities of the software product. Features of the program:

  • availability of multifunctional installer of components and libraries;
  • the ability to use cloud services for importing and exporting projects;
  • availability of support for various types of databases;
  • the ability to develop mobile applications using the NET Framework, JavaScript and C ++;
  • The ability to integrate with Unity, DirectX, Cocos2d and the Unreal Engine to create games;
  • access to a remote version control system of Visual Studio Team Services;
  • the ability to install additional language packs in addition to the main one;
  • availability of improved code navigation (key combination Ctrl + T);
  • the ability to quickly view the code in the highlighted closing bracket;
  • ergonomic design;
  • availability of support features C # 7 and Visual Basic 15;
  • the ability to develop and debug applications for Linux;
  • availability of convenient tools for debugging and code refactoring.


  • the extremely high price tag for IDE;
  • the presence of bugs and errors of different caliber in a paid digital product.

Microsoft Visual Studio Professional 2019 is positioned as the most functional development environment (IDE). The presented program offers convenient tools for working with PHP, JavaScript, Python, Java, Scala, Go, SQL, Visual Basic, C and C ++, but the main focus is still on the C # profile language that was used to create Windows 10 and all key projects. Microsoft Company.

Most novice C # programmers use the free Community version of Visual Studio, which is almost as good as a paid edition. In turn, this IDE will suit already experienced professionals who work in a large company.

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