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Tor ensures untraceable internet connection

Tor ensures untraceable internet connection. The Tor Browser project is the brainchild of an American non-profit organization whose main task is to maintain the security and privacy of a user while browsing online resources. The browser is based on the Mozilla Firefox, but with some pre-installed add-ons and settings to ensure maximum anonymity on the Internet. Download the free and open-source software from the official website.

Tor ensures untraceable internet connection
Tor ensures untraceable internet connection


Product Title:Tor Browser
Developer:The Tor Project
Category:Browsers and Plugins
License:Open Source
Last Updated:July 9, 2019
Language Support:Multiple Languages
Download Size:54.4 MB – Download Now

Tor Browser Features

Tor Browser is a reliable and easy-to-use tool that allows you to access blocked resources. Its main features are:

  • Building a program based on the Firefox browser, which is familiar to most users?
  • A simple control that even a beginner can handle.
  • Blocking of malicious settings and functions, including cookies, cache, and history.
  • Ability to go to protected resources, as well as to the place where the user is blacklisted or banned.
  • Protection from surveillance, secured by an anonymous network.
  • Availability of versions for many OS, including mobile platforms.
  • Optional installation in the system, since the Browser works from any media.

How does Tor ensure untraceable internet connection?

In order to provide an untraceable internet connection, Tor Browser uses millions of virtual networks, redirecting the connection through them, hiding your real IP address, so that third parties cannot keep track of your actions on the Internet. This is similar to using a VPN service that also redirects the connection through secure network tunnels.

Most websites analyze not only our actions on the Web, display annoying ads based on our preferences, but also store the history of our location, search queries and any other information that allows us to identify the user. Thor Browser helps to avoid such surveillance as from various sites, and protects against cybercriminals, maintains anonymity when communicating through Internet chat rooms, forums when publishing something on the Internet.

Tor Browser Description

The browser is compatible with most operating systems in the world: Windows, Linux, GNU, and Apple macOS. Suitable for 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the OS on all the above systems, except MacOS (only 64-bit system), has all the functional diversity that Mozilla Firefox boasts, but with a higher degree of encryption of your connection.

The browser also has many different add-ons, a built-in file downloader, developer tools (debugger, web console, inspector, etc.), bookmarks menu, browsing the history, synchronization between devices, advanced privacy settings, content display management, search service settings, and all other Firefox settings.

The following extensions are available in the basic set of Tor Browser:

  • HTTPS Everywhere to automate switching to the HTTPS protocol (if possible), blocking all unencrypted requests (you can add unique rules for a particular site), force encryption on selected sites (Google-analytics and Yandex are activated by default);
  • NoScript, which controls permissions to launch JavaScript and Java plug-ins in selected sites;
  • Torbutton is an add-on for managing security settings and Tor network settings;
  • TorLauncher.

Privacy protocols are the keys to an untraceable internet connection

Thanks to its privacy protocols via Tor Browser, it is possible to visit sites blocked by Roskomnadzor or the Network operator that are not accessible through a regular connection.

The built-in Torbutton add-on allows you to adjust the security level in three modes:

  1. Standard (full site functionality),
  2. More secure (JavaScript is disabled on all sites without HTTPS connection, multimedia loads and played only after clicking on them with the mouse).
  3. Maximum (JavaScript is disabled on all sites, multimedia autoloading is disabled).

If the Tor project does not support in your country, then you can choose the built-in bridges of obfs4, fte, meek-amazon, meek-azure and obfs3 or use a bridge from a trusted source using a different address and port. You can configure local proxy settings for connecting to the Internet or specify only certain ports through which the firewall installed on your computer allows the connection.

Download and Install Tor Browser

Installation is carried out in several steps:

  1. Run the downloaded file Torbrowser … .exe, waiting for the unpacking of the installation files.
  2. In the “Installer Language” window, select “your language” from the drop-down list (if not selected by default) and click “Ok”.
  3. In the next window, the installer offers to choose a folder for installation. We recommend selecting the “Program Files” folder because usually all Windows programs are installed there. Press the “Install” button and wait for the end of the process.
  4. In the installation completion window click “Finish”.

During the initial startup, the program will ask for permission to connect to Tor internal services. In this window, you need to click “Connect” if you want automatic configuration or click the “Configure” button if you need to configure the connection settings with the proxy server.

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