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The REAPER: digital audio workstation

The REAPER is a program that offers extensive opportunities for editing, mixing and recording audio on a professional level. In addition, it is also possible to work with additional video clips with the program. It is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux, and can be downloaded free from the publisher website for 60 days evaluation.

You can quickly and professionally record, edit and process audio with REAPER


Product Title:REAPER
Developer: Cockos Incorporated
Category:MP3 and Audio
License:Commercial Trial
Last Updated:August 17, 2019
Compatibility: Windows/Mac/Linux
Language Support:Multiple Languages
Download Size:11.45 MB – Download Now

What can you do with the REAPER

With REAPER, you can easily work with any number of audio tracks and MIDI. If we are talking about recording, the program can record sound from several inputs simultaneously, and the number of zones is limited only by the performance of your PC. Sound can be recorded in various audio formats, with different settings for sample rate and bit depth. Each of the tracks is capable of recording sound from both the input and the audio / MIDI output. Multi-layer recording, loop recording, punch in / out functions are available.

Furthermore, the program allows you to enable/disable lock recording tracks when they are playing. You can record directly to an audio file with a different number of channels (stereo, surround sound, multichannel), both before and after applying additional effects. The REAPER program also allows you to monitor the status of incoming audio / MIDI inputs using software effects, while functions are also available that are responsible for creating different monitoring schemes for different effects. The user has the ability to control the speed of recording and playback of sound in a convenient and understandable form. The program can save audio recordings on various media.

Mixing of audio

Opportunities associated with the production of audio stream allow convenient mixing audio -, MIDI-instruments, as well as video materials and digital images on a single track. You can not only plot the audio along the time axis or axis in bits with a grid but also easily use the function of moving, cutting and copying fragments or the entire song, dividing it, as well as connecting video trimming, stretching them in time. Many actions can be performed using the usual “drag and drop”.

The program also has functions that are responsible for raising the pitch or applying attenuation and smooth transitions on it. REAPER allows you to group audio objects in a multi-level folder structure. A number of automation functions are available related to recording, reproducing, editing tracks and whole tracks, as well as applying effects. You can easily manage signatures, time and speed of playback/recording. Of course, the multi-channel sound is supported; any of the tracks can contain up to 64 individual channels. With the REAPER software, you can work on several projects simultaneously (in separate tabs).

In addition to a number of its own plug-ins, the program allows you to use almost any external audio / MIDI plug-in – for Windows, supports plug-ins VST, vst3 version, VSTi, DX / DXi, and JS. Effects are applied in real-time while you are editing or recording audio. The scripting language JS (JSFX) allows you to program your own plugins and additional effects.

Best use of available resources

The REAPER software uses several cores/threads of the computer’s central processor or, if necessary, even uses all the processors. Moreover, the program also guarantees full use of available RAM. You can control all the tools in the program with keyboard shortcuts and can perform operations in an automatic sequence. As a matter of fact, you can increase the functionality of the program by creating macros or extensions using Lua or Python languages.

You can use the program free for 60 days, and then you need to purchase a license on the manufacturer’s website.

The program interface of REAPER is very elegant and with great tuning capabilities. You can change the design, customize the contents of the panels and working windows, as well as change their location and visibility.

The REAPER can easily be attributed to software with an intuitive interface. However, you need to understand that the program requires a lot of knowledge about recording/editing audio. On the manufacturer’s website, you can find extensive documentation, user manual and a set of textbooks.

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