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Revo Uninstaller free download

Improper and incomplete removal of applications or outdated data is fraught with consequences that may adversely affect the performance of your system. To avoid clogging of the system disk, you must at least occasionally check it with the help of special programs. Revo Uninstaller is a free utility for cleaning and organizing data on the device.


Product Title:Revo Uninstaller
Developer:VS Revo Group
Category:Cleaning and Tweaking
Last Updated:June 10, 2019
Language Support:Multiple Languages
Download Size:7.07 MB – Download Now

The program serves as a replacement for standard uninstall tools in Windows operating systems. It has advanced functionality: in addition to the uninstaller, the Startup Manager is built into Revo (a more convenient replacement for the Task Manager), as well as the manager for cleaning the system and cache from obsolete files. You can download the latest version of the utility from here.

Revo Uninstaller
Download Revo Uninstaller Free

Revo Uninstaller Description

The program interface is simple and clear even for inexperienced users. The top panel is divided into sections, and each section has its own functionality. The main task of the utility is to delete and organize data on the computer.


The first item – uninstall – displays a full list of installed programs and components. A convenient feature of the uninstaller is the ability to see the version of the installed program, its size, the name of the manufacturer, as well as a link to the source from which it was downloaded.

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After you click the right mouse button in the application name bar, a list of possible actions appears on the screen: delete, update, detect the source or go to the root folder. In addition to the classic uninstall tool, Revo Uninstaller has unique functionality, unusual for computer applications.


The second item is the tool. Here are the additional functions of the program, which are used to optimize and quickly delete files of popular Windows applications.

The main tools of Revo Uninstaller

  • startup manager;
  • clearing the browser cache;
  • cleaning Microsoft Office files;
  • Windows file management;
  • remove traces of removal.

Startup Manager Application allows you to speed up the boot process by selectively turning off unnecessary applications that run in the background.

Using the browser cleaner, you can delete the history of visited sites, the history of the address bar and search queries, as well as eliminate unnecessary files in the cache.

Trace removal is a tool to erase data on residual files after deleting applications. If you use the function to remove traces, no data recovery client will be able to return them.

Cleaning Windows allows you to erase in the registry the history of searching for files, opening documents, writing commands in the Run tab on the Start menu, as well as entries on launching applications. The utility cleans the hard disk memory from Windows temporary files, cleans the clipboard and recycle bin.

The program is suitable for all popular operating systems: Windows 7, Windows 10, Mac and others. And for smartphones on Android, there is a separate mobile version.

“Hunter mode”

For inexperienced PC users, the program has a special mode that allows them to uninstall the application by “firing” a shortcut on the desktop. The point is that instead of a huge number of lines with incomprehensible words and terms, the user is given the opportunity to choose a program to remove by clicking on the label.  Thus, a novice user will unable to remove a useful program or system plugin Windows.

Search for updates and upgrade applications

Revo Uninstaller has a built-in search manager and installs updates for popular applications. In the program’s client, you can select the utility of interest and check it for the latest updates.

If any, Revo Uninstaller will automatically upgrade the selected application to the latest version. This is very convenient since it is not necessary to manually search for available packages on the Internet.

In addition, Revo has a self-update feature.

Work with Revo Uninstaller

The principal function of the utility is to combine the functionality of the main applets of operating systems in one place. Users do not have to search for necessary applications or delete programs manually. All actions are performed within one Revo Uninstaller.

In the special settings menu, everyone can “tailor” the program to themselves and their needs by disabling the extra functions. High-quality cleaning of files and systematization of data significantly speed up the operation of the computer and save a little extra space on your storage.

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