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Opera browser current version download

Opera browser current version 63 is a very fast, convenient and powerful web browser. Immediately after installation, you will have a huge number of opportunities. Opera browser can rightly be called a whole web package, which includes the browser itself, an email program, a download manager, an RSS feed aggregator, in a word, everything you might need while surfing the Internet.

Opera browser current version
Opera browser current version is really an improvement.


Product Title:Opera
Developer:Opera Software
Category:Browsers and Plugins
Last Updated:August 22, 2019
Language Support:Multiple Languages
Download Size:52.7
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Opera 63 is Reborn 3. Under this code name, major browser updates are released to revise some functions and make important adjustments and improvements. Reborn 3, which the developers claim to be something very significant, concerns updating the interface and a partial implementation of the concept of Web 3.0. A cryptocurrency wallet is added to the browser in this respect. Download Opera browser current version from the official website.

Features of the Opera browser current version

Opera is your order on the Internet! It includes a convenient express panel, a section with bookmarks, a recommended news feed, a fraud protection system, a combined address entry line, a Turbo function and many other interesting and useful features for efficient and easy work.

Fast access

The very first page that appears in almost any browser is a page that has a list of the most important or frequently visited sites. In opera, this is an express panel. With it, you can quickly access your favorite sites. Thanks to extensions that can be additionally embedded in the program itself, on the express panel you can receive notifications about the arrival of new messages from mailboxes, alerts from social networks and much more.

The panel is easily configured; you can quickly add the necessary addresses to it, delete unnecessary ones, or simply edit the cells.

Bookmarking in Opera browser current version

Bookmarks in OperaOpera has a unique implementation of the function to manage bookmarks. In a special section, you can store materials that you need to view, read the next time or use the necessary material.

You can bookmark any site with just one click on the heart icon, right next to the address bar. Then, in a special section, you can distribute the saved addresses into categories, so that at any time you can go to the desired category and select the one you need.

Opera browser current version has a very good update that makes bookmarks much more convenient. Now all saved addresses are displayed in a very beautiful form – in the form of a visual gallery. Would you like to see? Download and install Opera on your computer.

Keep abreast of all events – recommendations

News in the browser in the recommendations window you will find a lot of interesting information from various sources. Only the latest news and articles that are based on interests in your region and in your language are displayed in the feed.

You can customize the display by selecting only the categories that you want to be displayed on the main recommendations page.

Security Feature of Opera browser current version

Security system, protection from malicious and fraudulent sites, malicious software – this will allow you to keep your data safe. If you try to mislead the site or take other dangerous actions, the browser will warn you about it.

Speed ​​is the most important thing

Opera is popular because it has a Turbo function that allows you to view video and web content without any delay, even when using a slow connection.

Thanks to the built-in ability to view PDF files, you no longer have to download additional programs to open such documents on your computer. Now you can immediately open the downloaded files directly in a new tab.

Extensions and themes

If you want to add additional tools for more efficient surfing on the Internet, then the browser has a catalog of extensions that contains a very large number of additional plug-ins that are available for installation completely free of charge.

And for those who want to change the standard design to any other, then it is possible. The catalog of themes has a lot of beautiful background images and ready-made designs that can be applied to the browser.

Web 3.0 and built-in cryptographic windows

Developers call Opera browser current version 60 the Web 3.0 generation browser, which is designed to save users from the shortcomings of today’s Internet. The point here is in the blockchain and cryptocurrency, with which the built-in cryptographic shell, included in this version of the browser, can work. The developers consider this innovation as the most striking development and keep faith in the bright future of blockchain and cryptocurrency and therefore strive to ensure convenient work with these technologies now. In fact, cryptocurrencies are only part of the concept of Web 3.0, which involves the decentralized operation of a wide range of services. It remains to hope that Opera Software will work in this direction in the future.

The wallet itself works with Ethereum cryptocurrency and allows you to quickly make purchases through services that support this payment method, as well as store various digital goods in it. Needless to say, promised the full security of all payments and the safety of resources of the wallet.

In general, Opera browser current version 63 seems to be a somewhat marketing update, which, however, will appeal to most users. The updated interface does not include dramatic changes, but it does refresh the appearance quite well, and the built-in crypto-purse may be useful for some, albeit small, parts of users. Opera is compatible with Windows, Mac or Linux.

Download Opera Browser current version from the following links:

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