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Notepad++: the best code editor

At the moment there are many text or code editors for webmasters with which he can simplify the work as much as he can. So choosing the best one is a difficult task. Therefore, this article describes in detail the code editor Notepad++, which is the leader among code editors.

Notepad++ code editor
Notepad++ is more than just a code editor


Product Title:Notepad++
Developer:Notepad Plus Plus Org
Category:Developer Tools
License:Open Source
Last Updated:June 20, 2019
Language Support:Multiple Languages
Download Size:4.35 MB – Download Now

Installation of the Program

To install, you need to go to the official website, select the current version, which is 7.7.1 released on June 20, 2019. The installation file is only about 4 megabytes. But do not look at the small size of the application: Notepad ++ will show a lot of functionality. The main advantage of the editor is that it is based on the GPL license – which means it is free. Also, you don’t need any kind of activation, and thus its installation is minimized.

Interface of Notepad++ code editor

The program has a lot of advantages, so I’ll tell you about the main advantages. First, it is an absolutely customizable interface. By default, the program has 15 topics. Each one is customizable. In addition, you can customize the color of links, backgrounds, functions, etc. Each webmaster will be able to customize the interface, as it is convenient for him. And it is worth emphasizing that for each language you can customize your color scheme – for example, for HTML you will have one style, and for PHP another.

You can also adjust the transparency of the windows if you want. If you are a fan of working in full-screen mode, then Notepad++ is an excellent option for you. When you press F11, the editor goes to full-screen mode. You can also customize the display panels, remove unnecessary buttons.


Notepad++ supports all popular encodings. It is also possible to convert lossless encodings.


Notepad++ works with the tab system. You can easily specify in the settings by double-clicking on the empty panel of the new tab. And if you click on the active tab, it will close. This functionality will allow you to quickly work with files and save time.


The application correctly has implemented search function. There are three search modes: regular, advanced, and regular expression search. Whenever you need to find anything, Notepad++ will provide this function for you. There is also a standard Find and Replace function. Sometimes you need to search for text, but you do not remember which of the files contains the phrase you need. For such cases, Notepad++ developers implemented the “Find in all open documents” function. Thus, the usual phrase search will apply to all open documents.


Notepad++ code editor supports all the most popular programming languages. Thus, you can develop scripts in more than 20 programming languages. In order to work with any language, you do not need to install it in the settings. The program will determine the syntax itself. However, you can install it manually. To do this, go to the “Syntax” menu and select the desired language. To simplify the search, they are sorted alphabetically.

Auto-completion of functions, words, and expressions

The program perfectly completes functions, words, and expressions. However, by default, auto-completion is not set. In order to activate this function, go to “Settings”, then – “Configuration”. Select the auto-completion tab. activate the appropriate option. You can also specify which symbol to prompt and end a word, function, and expression.

Create backup copies with Notepad++ code editor

You will never lose the necessary data, as Notepad++ backs up your files to the folder you specify as often as you want. To set up backups, go to “Settings”, then – “Configuration”. Select the reserve tab. Next, set up the way you want.

Salient Features of Notepad++

  • Support for a significant number of programming languages: HTML, JavaScript, Java, PHP, SQL, XML, C ++, Pascal, C, Assembler, and others.
  • Collapsing fragments of the edited text according to the rules of syntax.
  • Customizable backlight typed text.
  • Highlighting web programming tags in different colors.
  • Synchronous work with one text in different windows and simultaneous editing of several texts at once in one window.
  • Scaling, completion of the typed word, dragging the fragments with the cursor and other options for working with text.
  • Creating bookmarks in the text and managing substitution and search expressions.
  • Search and replace text using regular expressions.
  • Create backup copies.
  • Record and playback macros.

The Notepad++ code editor has two versions – full and minimum. Both versions are free, but the minimum contains all localization languages ​​other than English, additional plug-ins, design options, and other functions. Download free Notepad ++ can be a direct link at the end of the article. This is the latest, version of the program, which fixes minor issues, improves performance and adds some features.

Conclusion: Notepad++ does not fit into the general concepts of a text editor. A set of its functions says something more. If we consider that the program is absolutely free, you should pay attention to it. Download Notepad++ free for Windows from the following link.

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