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My Diet Coach Android App download

My Diet Coach is a program that will help you win in the psychological and physical struggle with obesity. By installing a program on your smartphone, you will get an excellent motivator aimed at diet, playing sports, and just not to lead a sedentary lifestyle. It is one of the best apps dealing with weight loss programs.

My Diet Coach
My Diet Coach Android App download


Product Title:My Diet Coach
Developer:Bending Spoons S.p.A.
Category:Mobile App
Last Updated:September 7, 2018
Language Support:English
Download Size: MB – Download Now

My Diet Coach keeps a weight diary, save your photos for a more visual change. The coach will give you tips that will target you to the result. Also, the coach will be able to calm you down and distract you when you get hungry. An example of useful advice: put your car away from the lady that you walked on foot and stayed in the fresh air.

Starting the program for the first time you will be asked to set goals and draw up an approximate training schedule.

Features of My Diet Coach on Android

  • combines the functions of a virtual trainer and weight calendar;
  • a diet plan according to your weight and body shape.
  • stores images, clearly demonstrating changes in the mass of your body;
  • gives the user advice on proper nutrition and the daily routine;
  • motivational support: photo, reminder goals, motivating quotes;
  • includes a wealth of background information;
  • available for free.

New in the program:

  • notification style optimized for Android 5;
  • notifications are turned off automatically at night;
  • minor bugs fixed.

The application has a promotion. Earning points, you get virtual rewards for achievement, which is very nice. Lose weight in a game form!

In addition, the program will monitor the daily routine, the proper nutrition, and will remind you that it is time to drink water. You need to weigh in, prepare healthy food, and constantly make entries in the diary about the foods used.

Set tasks for yourself and the trainer will help to follow up on their implementation. He will be interested in whether you visited the gym when you walked, that it is worth practicing at home and much more.

Download My Diet Coach to your device running Android for free and without SMS, from the link below.

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