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Money Manager Ex Software Download

Money Manager Ex is a reliable personal finance or home accounting management software. Managing personal account transactions with the computer has clear advantages. A prerequisite, however, is a suitable program, such as the full free software Money Manager. With just a few clicks, you can map your existing bank or credit card accounts and enter booking for booking.


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In addition to key data such as the amount of money, the date, and the relevant account, you can record the payee or customer, note important information about a transaction or attach a document, such as a scanned receipt. Freely definable categories such as refueling, “rent” or “books” are later detailed evaluations possible. For shopping in the supermarket, split bookings prove to be practical, dividing an amount into several transactions with separate categories.

Money Manager Ex
Money Manager Ex is a powerful tool for analyzing your finances

Money Manager EX Can Enter a Standing Order

Apart from the manual entries, the software allows you to create recurring cash flows, such as salary, rent or annual car insurance. An explicit cash-position does not exist for Money Manager Ex, but it can be simulated by a corresponding “cash account”. The ability to make transfers between accounts then makes cash withdrawals clearly. In addition to classic bank and current accounts, you can also record your assets such as jewelry, cash, securities or cars. So you have a precise overview of the overall financial situation.

Evaluate Finances

The meticulous recording of the cash flow is especially interesting for targeted analysis. Here Money Manager Ex in the section “Reports” offers some informative, graphical and tabular overviews. They learn where the money goes, where the money comes from, and view revenue and expenses for each or all accounts. Of course, different evaluation periods are available for selection. If this is not enough for you, you can use a report manager to create individual evaluations. However, you must have prior knowledge of the basics of SQL queries. Moreover, you can easily import or export data to CSV and Quicken format.

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