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Meditation Studio 1.26 download for iPhone and iPad

Meditation Studio is a meditation application. It includes a wide selection of over 200 guided meditations of various styles. Focus on your own and immerse yourself in meditation through exclusive collections and courses.

Meditation Studio


Product Title:Meditation Studio
Developer:Meditation Studio LLC
Category:Mobile App
Last Updated:February 19, 2019
Language Support:English
Download Size: 101.4 MB – Download Now

You can create your own library of guided meditations and monitor your progress. It does not need an Internet connection. Nothing will distract you – candles, incense, and statues are not here, so you can focus on what is important – meditation.

Meditation Studio Features:

  • Over 200 guided meditations.
  • Unlimited session time.
  • 27 leading meditation experts.
  • Collections of meditation sessions to help you focus on a specific condition or goal.
  • Planning a meditation session (2, 5, 10, 15, and 30 minutes).
  • Different styles of meditation:
  • be healthy: relieve stress, improve sleep, rest, etc .;
  • be amazing: increase your mood, confidence, productivity, etc .;
  • be kind: a feeling of forgiveness, compassion, happiness, love, etc .;
  • be curious;
  • meeting the needs for communication, career, family, etc.
  • Synchronization of the meditation schedule with the calendar of events.
  • Convenient user interface.

Take Zen with You!

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