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Manage iPhone with CopyTrans Manager

CopyTrans Manager is a free iTunes alternative for iPhone, iPad, or iPod users to stream music, movies, books, ringtones, audiobooks, and podcasts to iOS devices faster and easier than Apple’s management program. In addition, you can easily edit playlists, customize title information or replace CD covers, which are loaded directly from the Internet if necessary. Practical: “CopyTrans Manager” can be started without installation on any PC or notebook, for example directly from a USB stick.

CopyTrans Manager
CopyTrans Manager

About CopyTrans Manager

Copying new songs and videos to iPhone, iPad or iPod is quite complicated with iTunes. This is done quickly and easily with the “CopyTrans Manager”. The free software transfers movies, music, ringtones, books, PDF documents, and podcasts via drag & drop to Apple players. If you have iPhone, iPad or iPod connected to the computer, all contents are neatly listed in the program interface. For example, you can edit playlists, add song lyrics, or create new playlists. You can also change the star rating of your songs and customize track info, such as the ID3 tags such as artist, genre, and album title. Thanks to multi-editing, you can even edit multiple tracks at the same time, such as all songs on an album.

Copy music and movies without iTunes

With the “CopyTrans Manager,” you can automatically search for covers on the internet and exchange them easily if necessary. Or delete unwanted music clips, apps or movies. If you install the program on a USB stick, you always have it with you, as the software can be started from any PC or notebook. In order for the “CopyTrans Manager” to recognize your iPhone or iPad, either iTunes must be installed or alternatively, you set up a free iOS driver, which you download to your computer via the program. The “Control Center”, in which the “CopyTrans Manager” is integrated, includes a trial version of “CopyTrans Photo”, with which you can copy selected photos, the “CopyTrans” module for transferring media data between the Apple devices and iTunes as well as the tool “CopyTrans TuneSwift”,

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