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LibreOffice – The Number 1 Office Suite

LibreOffice is a full-fledged office suite with word processing, spreadsheet, presentation program, database, graphics software, and formula editor. The core OpenOffice-based open source software is not limited to the file formats of a particular manufacturer. For example, LibreOffice can import, edit and save current Microsoft Office documents in the formats DOCX, XLSX and PPTX. In addition, it is possible to export files in the original formats of MS-Office 97, 2000 and 2003, ie as a DOC, XLS or PPT document.

LibreOffice is a full free office suite

The compatibility between both Office applications largely includes the formatting of texts and tables. For example, in contrast to other Office packages, text markers are displayed correctly and existing paragraph formats are copied 1: 1. Practical: Via the “Start Center” you access all program components. Each module can even be used to directly create new documents for the other applications. The sidebar keeps track of the formatting tools and style sheets.


Product Title:LibreOffice
Developer:The Document Foundation
Category:Office Suite
License:Open Source
Last Updated:August 8, 2019
Compatibility:Windows, Mac, Linux
Language Support:Multiple languages
Download Size: 286 MB Download Now

Free LibreOffice Can Write and Edit Texts

With the “Writer” of LibreOffice, you create texts like with “Microsoft Word”. In addition to the Word format, the word processor also reads documents from OpenOffice, Apple Pages, Lotus WordPro or WordPerfect and imports PDF texts. It includes auto-text and auto-correction features, a spellchecker, a thesaurus, database connectivity with formatting options, keyword and table indexing tools, formulas, styles, rich design options for spreadsheets, including visually pleasing spreadsheets, and an HTML mode for the drafting of websites. You can also easily integrate, crop, rotate, and format imported graphics, or draw simple objects, as well as polygons and freehand lines.

Professionally Calculate and Design Diagrams with LibreOffice

“Calc”, the spreadsheet module of LibreOffice, is the counterpart to “Microsoft Excel” and also comes with a considerable range of functions. In addition to the Microsoft formats, the spreadsheet also reads documents from other programs, such as Apple Numbers or Lotus. Well over 300 predefined functions are available as well as a wide range of 2D and 3D diagrams: from a simple bar and pie charts to network diagrams. Challenging tasks are easily accomplished with features such as Target Value Search, Solver, Auto Filter, Pivot Tables, and Data Pilot. Of course, in “Calc” all the features for the visually attractive formatting of tables are available.

Presentations as with PowerPoint

As with “Microsoft PowerPoint”, LibreOffice with “Impress” quickly made sophisticated presentations for output to paper, slide, overhead transparencies or screen. In addition to text, external images, and drawing objects, you can easily use MPEG, Flash, WMV, or QuickTime videos in your presentations and put them on sounds of all standard types from MP3 through OGG and WMA to WAV. Furthermore, export as a Flash movie is possible. Professional is not only the “autopilot” but also the abundance of effective slide transitions. A series of included templates make getting started easier.

LibreOffice Can Create 3D Graphics and Database Files

LibreOffice is a powerful 3D drawing tool that lets you create graphics up to three square meters in size. In addition to drawing with basic geometric shapes, splines, or Bézier curves, “Draw” offer you various element libraries, such as flowcharts. But also on font effects à la “WordArt” was thought. The Base module lets you access existing database files or create new ones, including sophisticated data masks, queries, and reports. An assistant also ensures that you create the necessary basic structure quickly and easily for private and business matters. Last but not least, the Math module in scientific papers ensures the correct presentation of complex formulas and expressions.

The Full Free Alternative to Microsoft Office and OpenOffice

LibreOffice is complemented with a wealth of integrated help functions, with which you can, for example, generate documents in PDF format, send files via Bluetooth or e-mail as well as print labels and business cards from popular manufacturers. By importing Firefox designs (“Themes”) you customize the program interface to your own taste. The functional spectrum of LibreOffice makes the free program a powerful office package for private and professional use as well as for use in schools and universities. LibreOffice is thus an alternative to the commercial Microsoft Office package and to the open-source software “OpenOffice”. Considering the extensive features of LibreOffice or the competitors, it is a question of individual requirements.

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