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Free Photoshop Pixlr Image Editor

Free Photoshop Pixlr Image Editor is an excellent tool to work with images. When you need to urgently process a snapshot, online editors come to the rescue. Fortunately, there is an infinite number of similar platforms for working with photos on the network, but finding something serious among often, frankly amateurish programs is already more difficult. Save time searching for the right online editor and go to the Pixlr Editor. As a browser-based tool, you need not download the software. You can edit your images by directly visiting the official website.

Free Photoshop Pixlr
Pixlr is actually the free Photoshop


Product Title: Pixlr Editor
Developer: 123RF Limited
Category: Image Editor
License: Free
Version: 3.4.19
Last Updated: July 27, 2019
Compatibility: Opera,Chrome,IE 7+,Firefox
Language: Multiple Languages

Introduction to the Free Photoshop Pixlr

When you first launch the program on the official website, it becomes obvious that the developers were inspired (like many now) by the undisputed market leader – Adobe Photoshop. This is indicated by a similar design style, basic tools, and navigation. Pixlr Editor opens in the same browser tab as the site, but in full-screen mode, it looks like a full-fledged editor.

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To get started, you will be offered the traditional options – open your image or create a new canvas. You can also upload a picture from the Internet by pasting its URL or add pictures from an online library (from services such as Picasa and Flickr, for example). By the way, if you do not have an image library, you can create it by completing the registration (it takes just a minute) and store the files directly in the editor.

The interface is concise and very convenient, in a word, a simplified Photoshop. The work surface of the editor includes 5 main blocks:

  1. Toolbar
  2. Mounting window
  3. Navigator
  4. Layers
  5. Magazine

If desired, their position in the editor window can be changed – moved, reduced, enlarged, or completely closed – adjust the workspace as you like. Therefore, you can easily do your editing job.

Main functions

Immediately, we note that free Photoshop Pixlr editor is not intended for amateur photo processing – it is important to understand what function and why you are using.

In case you just need to crop the picture, apply a stylish filter and add a sticker with a funny signature, then the version of Pixlr Express is more suitable for you – also online and also for free. You can open it on the same official site.

Features Pixlr Editor, in fact, pleasantly impressive. Go through the main functions:

  • Retouching:  Bring to perfection portrait shots or even the horizon line to the landscape – all this is available in the online editor. You can blur and adjust the sharpness, deform the image using distortion or blow-up and, of course, use a stamp and a patch for spot correction. Moreover, in the “Image” menu there are all standard functions – photos can be reduced, cropped, rotated, mirrored and cropped.
  • Color correction: In the menu “Correction” you will find the classic settings for brightness, saturation and color balance. For detailed settings, you can use the “Levels” and “Curves” functions. Also, amateur photographers will be pleased with the possibilities for original artistic image processing – in the style of pop art poster, for example. Here, of course, you have to tinker with the settings, as there are no ready-made effects in the program.
  • Creating drawings: In the free Photoshop Pixlr, you can not only edit images but also draw with a mouse, which in itself excludes the possibility of creating illustrations on a professional level. However, the editor offers a choice of different types of brushes, including sketches, and allows you to load your sets into the existing list. Detailed settings, as in the same Photoshop, are missing.
  • Work with layers: The editor supports work with several layers, which greatly simplifies any task – both in photo processing and in creating drawings. For each layer, you can choose a style, set a mask and adjust the transparency index. Thus the feature will allow you to overlay downloaded footage, clip art, create collages, and perform photomontage.

Benefits of Free Photoshop Pixlr

  • you use the editor absolutely free and legally
  • The editor does not require installation and is compatible with any OS.
  • the online product does not occupy space on your pc
  • The editor supports all standard image formats – PNG, JPG, TIFF, GIF, and BMP
  • You can upload photos directly from the Internet and create your own image library.
  • The editor can be downloaded to your mobile device.
  • you get a really high-quality professional result


  • you cannot use the editor without access to the Internet
  • need to install a powerful and updated browser plugin
  • when the browser hangs, the result will be lost
  • you cannot save an intermediate version of the work for further editing
  • there is no possibility to choose the resolution and color mode when creating a new image
  • Some functions do not work and cause the browser to hang, and some options remain in English
  • in the editor, there is a promo-block with advertising affiliate programs


To sum up, I would like to note that the advantages still prevail over the shortcomings, and the Free Photoshop Pixlr is definitely worth trying. Advanced users will quickly and easily master the editor, while for beginners it will be difficult to figure out what’s what. This is really a powerful, albeit somewhat simplified, online versions of Adobe Photoshop, which will help achieve professional results in photo processing.

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