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Fotor Photo Editor for Android

Fotor Photo Editor offers its users a large, functional set of tools for manipulating and enhancing photographs. Using the editor, you can easily change the contrast, brightness, saturation, and also apply various filters, cropping, rotating the image, adding text.

Fotor Photo Editor
Fotor Photo Editor for Android


Product Title:Fotor Photo Editor
Developer:Everimaging Limited
Category:Mobile App
Last Updated:December 3, 2018
Language Support:Multiple Languages
Download Size:255.98 MB – Install Now

The photo editor will make a beautiful photo and bring it to perfection, and then you can easily manage and share your work of photo art with friends through social networks.

Fotor Photo Editor & Photo Collage – Mobile application for Android from the studio Everimaging Ltd. transform your hobby into profitable art. The project earned the BBC vocation as Photoshop lite.

Functions of Fotor Photo Editor

The program is both an editor for photos and an exchange where users can sell the rights to own their creations. In the PxBee photo bank, millions of photographers of all levels, from beginners to professionals, earn money from photos. On the stock exchange, you can transfer the rights for placement for advertising purposes, for placement in print media and for use in website designs. Each week there are contests for the best pictures, sponsored by such well-known companies such as Uber, world airlines, etc. Each participant can become famous for their photos, there are chances for both amateurs and experienced photographers. In addition to the trading purpose, Fotor is used as a wide-functional photo editor.

Thousands of tools open up horizons to create unique images, and constantly updated filters are able to transform ordinary photos into works of art. The interface is easy to learn and easy to use. Pictures can be corrected as a few touches in a couple of seconds, and large-scale editing with a complete change in the smallest details. Options for changing the style will turn photos into vintage, cinematographic and other objects of creativity. To combine several pictures, you can use college functions, and dozens of various templates, font frames and filters will give them exotics and uniqueness. The community is constantly growing and taking part in evaluating and adding new features and service.

Every day, users, along with developers, create and add their own elements of editing and correcting photos. At the moment, the application uses more than 10 million creators. What are you waiting for? Equip your own mobile camera, download Fotor and conquer the top of the art of photography!

Key features

  • creating images and their subsequent editing;
  • adding text;
  • 6 different camera modes;
  • sending photos by e-mail and posting on social networks;
  • over 100 filters and effects;
  • dozens of various tools for editing images;
  • internal stock market;
  • weekly contests;
  • constantly updated toolkit;
  • active community;
  • free access;
  • adding stickers and frames;
  • image depth enhancement using the tilt-shift function;
  • adjust brightness, saturation, contrast and other parameters of the image;
  • the ability to create collages.

In the Fotor photo editor, you can take pictures in six preset camera modes, use the Big Button option, Grid, Timer, Series of Shots functions — experiment with the settings, click the shutter, and then calmly dive into the editing material. Install this graphic product and manipulate with any values ​​that allow you to get at the output, not an ordinary photo, but a real work of art, which is not a shame to share with the whole world, for example, by posting on Instagram. The product is distributed for free, but if you want to get more tools and professional support, you must spend a real sum of money for this. However, these expenses will be more than repaid.

Download free Fotor Photo Editor without registering and SMS to a direct link below.

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