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Firefox Mutes Videos in New Version

With version 66 Firefox introduces a new feature, which prevents the automatic playback of sounds. The autoplay blocker comes for the desktop and the Android version.

Firefox Latest Version
Firefox Latest Version

Chrome and Safari have done it, now Firefox moves to. With the upcoming release of Firefox new version 66, Mozilla’s browser will also block autoplay videos. However, the new version will come with more options than the competition and also in the Android version of the browser. If you’re more into Firefox, you’ll know that there’s been a similar feature since Firefox 41, but it’s still well hidden at the time.

The developers choose a different approach to their innovations than the competition. When visiting a website, it can happen that suddenly loud sound is heard. The new autoplay blocker should now mute these videos so that the user can read the article relaxed. However, the videos continue to run, which can ultimately affect the volume of data.

Additional innovations in Firefox

In addition, the developers introduce user gesture activation in Firefox new version. Thus, the browser is given logic to re-enable muted content as soon as the user interacts with the website. So if you tap a muted video on your smartphone, you can also hear the sound for the video. In addition, exceptions can also be specified in which, despite the autoplay blocker, media are played or not played when the autoplay blocker is deactivated.

Not for everyone in the beginning

Firefox 66 will be released on March 19, 2019, and then the feature will be rolled out in phases. Initially, only 25 percent of users should be able to use the autoplay blocker, then 50 percent later, and after about two weeks, all Firefox users can enjoy – provided they update the browser. The situation is different from the Android version: activation is planned from the very beginning.

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