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Easy audio editor Audacity free download

Looking for a simple and feature-rich audio processing program? On this page, you will find the direct download link for Audacity, a popular and easy audio editor with powerful functionality, completely free of charge. The product, developed by Roger Dannenberg and Dominic Matzoni, is distributed with open source code under the GNU General Public License.

Audacity is an easy audio editor
Audacity is an easy audio editor


Product Title:Audacity
Developer:Audacity Development Team
Category:MP3 and Audio
License:Open Source
Last Updated:May 13, 2019
Language:Multiple Languages
Download Size:27.91 MB – Download Now

The main difference of Audacity from expensive editors of competitors is an intuitive interface that even an inexperienced user can easily figure out. The product can be used for simple household tasks (for example, to cut ringtones on the phone or digitize analog audio), and to solve serious professional issues. It allows you to connect a large number of different plug-ins. The editor setup is very flexible. For any command, you can set your own keyboard shortcut and customize the mouse. The program is convenient for recording and mixing podcasts, it uses high-quality algorithms for dithering and resampling.

Features of the Easy audio editor Audacity

  • Works with formats Wav, mp3, Ogg, AU and AIFF (import/export);
  • The ability to import audio into MPEG;
  • Voice recording from a microphone (Line In);
  • Simultaneous recording and listening to the sound;
  • Works with 16-channel sound;
  • Changing the tempo and pitch;
  • Remove noise, hiss and other audio defects;
  • Mixing tracks of different quality;
  • Convenient volume indicator;
  • All action history is available to the user;
  • Opens RAW files;
  • Convenient Russian version of the interface;
  • Fast work with “heavy” files;
  • Does not load the system during operation;
  • There is a spectrographic mode;
  • The function of the point change audio track;
  • Noise audio effects.

The only thing that needs to be considered when using Auditashi is that in order to save to mp3 from another format you will need to additionally download the LAME MP3 encoder. Its download and installation are offered automatically when you first save this type of file.

Completely free and without registration you can download the latest or other Audacity versions in from the official website. Choose a program for the operating system you need, download the installation file or immediately the full version of the application that does not require further installation. All versions are checked for viruses, they are correctly installed, and they work without failures and freezes. You will also receive detailed instructions for installing the product.

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