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Download Skype–the Free VoIP from Microsoft

Download Skype – the Free VoIP from Microsoft
Download Skype – the Free VoIP from Microsoft

With the free VoIP software “Skype” you make calls over the Internet. With the free service from Microsoft, you can not only use internet telephony via webcam with up to 25 call partners, but also video conferencing with up to ten participants for free. In addition, you can chat with your Skype contacts and share files or pictures, send video messages, and use real-time translation. Calls within the Skype network are free; for calls to landline or mobile network fees are due. If you have an account with Microsoft), you can start the download Skype immediately without registering.

In addition to “WhatsApp” or “FaceTime” on the iPhone and iPad, “Skype”, the VoIP standard from Microsoft (short for “voice over internet protocol”), is particularly suitable for free Internet telephony. All you need is a connected headset or microphone and speakers to communicate with other Skype participants worldwide. When the webcam is installed, the call participants can see each other when making a phone call. Telephone and conference calls with up to 25 participants or video telephony with up to 10 call partners are also possible free of charge and in good voice quality and video quality. You can also send instant messages (instant messaging) or pictures, mojis (animations accompanied by music), emoticons, video clips, and files up to 300 megabytes to other Skype users. Practically:

Skype Messenger with free real-time translation of calls

“Skype” is easy to install; even routers and firewalls are not a hurdle. You simply log in with your Microsoft user account or create a new Skype account for free; the rest is largely automatic. In addition to classic calls or video calls, the “Skype” function “Share Screen” allows the user’s desktop to be displayed. For example, this screen transfer is useful if you want to show something to friends. The “Skype Translator” translates voice calls in real time. Currently, eight languages ​​are supported, including German, English, Spanish, Italian and Mandarin. Skype even translates text messages into over 50 different languages.

Skype Voicemail: Do not miss phone calls with the answering machine

In addition to group calls or video conference calls, “Skype” with its “Skype Voicemail” also offers an answering machine. This call forwarding can also be used (for a fee) for a transfer to the landline or to a mobile connection. With all the comfort and the numerous features, “Skype” pays attention to the necessary security and the protection of your privacy while telephoning. Voice and video calls, file transfers, and instant messages are encrypted using the 256-bit AES encryption standard.

Skype: Calls to Landline

In addition to the free services, “Skype” allow you to make calls using “normal” landlines, depending on your payment. Calls in mobile networks at home and abroad and the sending of text messages are also subject to a charge. Conversely, “SkypeIn” can be used to set up an “online telephone number” that allows you to be reached via landline phones via “Skype” – regardless of whether you are in Berlin, New York, Moscow or Singapore.

Skype Versions for Downloading

In addition to the Desktop version of the Messenger for PC and an app for Windows 10, you can also “Skype” for platforms such as macOS and Linux and for mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, Android tablets and smartphones, BlackBerry, Xbox One and Kindle Fire Download HD.

Skype for Business: Videoconferencing with 250 call partners

Is the classic “Skype” software on PC, Mac or iPad for home use or simple office use, Microsoft offers “Skype for Business” a professional solution for online meetings with up to 250 participants. The successor to Microsoft Lync also includes employee account management capabilities and is integrated with Office applications and apps.

Conclusion to Skype

“Skype for Windows” is the standard worldwide when it comes to Internet telephony and video calling. The video over IP software from Microsoft (short: VoIP) is easy to install and use and also free. The “Skype” messenger offers many functions from simple chats to sending pictures and files to screen transfer. In particular, the real-time translator is awesome! At moderate prices, “Skype” even allows access to mobile networks or landline connections.

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