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Download Picasa Image Editor Free

Picasa Image Editor
Picasa Image Editor


Name of Software: Picasa 3.9.141

Type of Software: Freeware

Category: Graphics| Image Editor, Image Viewer

Compatibility: Windows/Mac

Publisher: Google

Size: 13.04 MB

Last Updated: 25/10/2018

With “Picasa” you keep the digital flood of images under control. Google’s free software searches your computer for photos and sorts them in a clear and organized way. The formats JPG, BMP, GIF, PNG, TGA, TIF and WEBP, as well as RAW images, are taken into account. Of course, you can also create your own, thematically arranged picture albums and equip each picture with additional information (“tags”). A nice feature is the “time history”. As an alternative to the classic folder view, which displays your photos sorted by the directory name, all the images in this order are accessible in chronological order. In addition, the photo overview can quickly be restricted to tagged pictures, people’s pictures or certain file names. Picasa free download is available here.

Edit, Optimize and Use Effects

“Picasa” includes basic image editing features such as rotating, cropping, changing the exposure, color, sharpness, and contrast of a photo, as well as removing the infamous “red eye” and inserting text. To spice up your images, numerous effects are available: By sound separation imitate the style of old movie posters, convert your snapshots in comic drawings, add color gradients or you turn the neon filter from drab building images bright “Las Vegas” – facades. In practical side-by-side mode, Picasa lets you edit two images side-by-side. Whether different motives, or two versions of the same picture – you have the direct comparison with every change.

Present Photo Album and Slideshows Online

Save your favorite pictures with “Picasa” with one click on the Internet at “Google Photos”. You can, for example, send this web album to the people who stayed at home while on vacation. And with another mouse click, you load the finished photo video directly from “Picasa” to YouTube on the Web. The Google Photos photo service lets you share your shots online with as many people as you want. Furthermore, the creation of image galleries for the Internet in HTML format is possible, together with other Picasa users. So everyone involved can present their favorite photos. Click here for picasa free download.

Face Recognition and Geo-tags

If you have a portrait with the name of the person, Picasa recognizes all other shots of that person in your photo collection. The software brings similar faces together in a group that can be tagged in one go and later recalled completely. For example, these “name tags” are useful when distributing your pictures on the Google+ social network: “Picasa” automatically detects all faces in a series of photos and makes the pictures available to the associated Google + contacts. Ingenious for globetrotters: the “GeoTag” function. Assuming Google Earth, you determine exactly where you shot the photo on the world map. This link will remain, and with a click of the mouse you will be able to view the location at any time via “Picasa”.

Create Slideshows, Collages and Videos

In addition, “Picasa” offers a classic slideshow feature (including burning to CD). Nice: From several shots can be put together with a click chic collage. Following the same pattern, you can also create videos from your photos: simply select music for background music, determine transitions, type in the introductory caption – done! The feature “Face Movie” even automatically creates a movie or a slide show with the faces of a person, even including background music on request.

Screen Saver and Image Viewer Included

Each time you double-click on a graphic in Windows Explorer or other file managers, it will be displayed at lightning speed with the “Picasa Photo Viewer”. This small add-on program hooks into the Windows system and acts as a “miniature viewer”. Another mouse click opens the graphic for editing in “Picasa”, marks the photo or uploads the image directly to “Google Photos”. An integrated screensaver, the ability to create screenshots, the practical and flexible templates for printing and the search (which also includes the optional image descriptions) complete the functionality of “Picasa” image management.

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