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Download PDFCreator – Best PDF Producer

PDFCreator ( PDF Creator ) is a free application designed to create PDF documents from files of other formats. It can be called a virtual printer because it simplifies saving PDF files on a computer and the subsequent removal of documents for printing. The virtual printer can be used from any program that allows you to print documents, as it is installed not only in the operating system but also in applications themselves, as well as in the context menu of the explorer program. This program is distributed completely free of charge. It is perfectly adapted to all types of Windows OS, which is popular among users all over the world. You can download the latest version of PDFCreator from the official website.

PDFCreator is an excellent program for creating PDF documents from any format

What is the PDFCreator program?

The original PDF format (PDF) was developed by Adobe, which used it to show the contents of text and graphics documents. PDFCreator is also its brainchild, the main purpose of which is to instantly convert files of any format to PDF for viewing, printing or sending by e-mail.

Today, the following versions of this program are available for free on the developer’s website:

  • PDFCreator;
  • PDFCreatorPlus

PDFCreator 3.5.1 is the latest version, it is actively used all over the world. As for the PDFCreatorPlus version, this application is already paid, it represents a bit more features, reliably protected from intrusive advertising, and from virus attacks, but this functionality is redundant for the average user.

Any of the above versions work stably and without errors. With this application, you can work with any documents, including those that come by e-mail. And using this program, you can create entire illustrated books in electronic form. The possibilities of the updated versions of PDFCreator are endless.

Installation of PDFCreator

As mentioned above, you can download the program for free from our website fullfreesoftwaredownload.com. The latest version is translated into many languages and has an instruction, and at the time of installation, it itself prompts the user to select the language he needs. This makes it much easier to work with her.

Installation can be of 3 types:

  • Compact – the program will contain the necessary minimum of functions;
  • Custom – the user chooses the functionality he needs;
  • Full – is required when using the program for professional purposes.

PDFCreator is an excellent program for working with electronic documents. You can appreciate its work absolutely free of charge if you download and install it on your computer.

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