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Download PDFCreator – Best PDF Producer

PDFCreator Free
Download PDFCreator Free

PDFCreator is an application that will allow you to convert documents to PDF format. It is an open source software and license under license terms to give you maximum freedom. You can use it at home or at work and access the source code, compile it on your own account, and always keep it under license.

With PDFCreator you can convert documents into PDF, JPG, TIF, and PNG and more, it also allows you to combine several documents into a file. You can use the automatic saving to have a fully automated printer; you can also compress and resize the images to reduce the size of the file. In turn you can encrypt PDF files and protect them with passwords. You can avoid access that is not authorized to PDF files by changing security settings. At the same time you can use the COM interface to control PDF Creator from the application.

The “PDFCreator” acts as a virtual printer. This printer driver not only “prints” your documents into PDF format, but also saves them as image files in formats such as JPEG, TIF, and PNG, as well as a plain text file. In addition, you can use the freeware to collect multiple printouts in a PDF, use 128-bit AES encryption, digitally sign and PDF-style PDFs, or convert PDFs into graphics or text directly from the Explorer context menu.


Program Name: PDFCreator

Program Type: Open Source

Publisher: Philip Chinery

Compatibility: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista

File Size: 33.13 MB

Last Updated: 19/11/2018

Create PDF: This is how it works for free via PDFCreator:

With pdfforge’s free PDFCreator software; you can create PDFs directly from your web browser, accounting software, or Microsoft Word like other applications. To do this, the PDF tool latches itself into your system as a printer driver after installation. Instead of outputting the desired information on your default printer, you can print it in a PDF document. For this, the “PDFCreator” uses Ghostscript internally. In addition, you can easily merge multiple PDF files in the desired order into one document, insert text stamps and backgrounds, add metadata, or add a cover sheet, attachments, and a text stamp to a new PDF.

PDFCreator protects PDF files by encrypting, signing and password:

The “PDFCreator” enables you to encrypt PDFs with a password using a 128-bit AES algorithm as well as to protect them with a signature. Thanks to digital signature (PFX12 format), the recipient can be sure that the PDF really comes from you and has not been changed. You can also use the print function in the corresponding print dialog to set the compression level, change the print resolution, or specify the color model of the PDF file. Your individual settings can be saved in setups. However, “PDFCreator” not only creates PDFs or PDF / A files (a format for long-term preservation of digital documents), but also “prints” your text documents, spreadsheets, and photos into an image file as JPEG, TIFF, and PNG graphics as a text file. You can also easily submit a PDF document to your e-mail program, save it in your Dropbox, or upload it to an SMTP or FTP server. If you integrate the “PDFCreator” into the Windows context menu via the settings as a printer, you can convert PDFs directly via Windows Explorer, ie convert them into images or text.

The conclusion to the PDFCreator:

When creating PDF files, PDFCreator is an easy-to-use tool with useful features such as AES encryption, inserting digital signatures, merging multiple PDFs into a document, and saving PDFs as an image or text document. Annoying, however, is that during the installation process is trying to set up a paid additional program (adware). You prevent this by simply removing the check mark in the corresponding dialog box.

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