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Download Password Depot 10 for Free

Password Depot
Download Password Depot Free

Whether the retrieval of your emails at GMX, Web.de, Outlook.com, and Gmail, shopping on the Internet at Amazon, eBay, or posting on Twitter and Facebook is safe depends, among other things, on your access data. Passwords like “Sauji” or “Gchrtzi” are easy to remember, but no problem for hackers. Better would be about “87 \ zvo; 3j & n] YjA”. But who can keep that? Remedy the program “Password Depot 10”, which you can download for free exclusively from Full Free Software Download as a full version. The password manager stores and manages your online access centrally with usernames and passwords. All data is encrypted using the AES / Rijndael 256-bit algorithm and is only accessible via a master password. In addition, this can be combined with a key file. Save up to two gigabytes of password safes on your PC, an FTP server or cloud services like Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive or OneDrive for Business. If you would like to have the “Password Depot” with you, simply install the portable program on a USB stick. The Free Full Version of Password Deport is 10.5.6; while the latest version is 11.0.8, updated on Septembr 2018.


Name of Software: Password Depot 10

Type of Software: Free Special Version

Category: Password Manager

Compatibility: Windows, Mac, Android

Publisher: AceBIT

Size: 20.20 MB

Last Updated: 12/09/2018

Keep Credit Card Number or EC-PIN Safe

In the digital vault of “Password Depot” you not only secure the access data for your online activities (user name, password and password) or set expiry dates, but also enter the data of your debit cards or credit cards, TAN lists and Software licenses and free information and personal data (identities). In addition, files can be encrypted directly from Windows Explorer. On request, you can generate self-extracting EXE files, delete the original file and transfer the encryption password to the password list. You can also remove any other files without leaving any residue. In addition, a virtual keyboard and virtual mouse pointer provide protection against keyloggers and other spyware. Brute-force attacks are prevented by timeouts as well as the read-out of the RAM or the clipboard. Convenient is the ability to import password files from other programs such as KeePass, Password Safe, Sticky Password, 1Password and Kaspersky Password Manager.

Use Passwords Automatically with Firefox, Google Chrome, and IE

Using the addons for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Internet Explorer, the browser recognizes web addresses for which permissions are stored in “Password Depot” and enters them automatically. If this does not work, add the access data alternatively by clicking on the “top bar” or the clipboard in the respective fields. Clever: The bar recognizes the current website and automatically provides the correct data. In addition to the normal sequences with password and password, you can define individual access sequences for each entry and select a browser with which the respective access link should be opened.

Password Generator Creates Strong Passwords

If you need a new password, quickly access the password generator of “Password Depot” via a system tray icon. This is useful when services require strong passwords. Type in username and password in your browser, “Password Depot” will recognize this information and offer to secure it in the “Safe”. The generator makes it possible to specify the compilation of the password from letters, special characters or numbers individually and to avoid classical dictionary codes. In addition, your security passwords are matched against millions of recently stolen and published passwords. With free apps for iPhone, iPad and Android devices, access your password safes on the go.

Password Depot 11 with Additional Features

In addition to the free full version “Password Depot 10”, the password manager is also available as a paid version. For example, “Password Depot 11” supports the HiDrive cloud service. It is also possible to save important entries via a second password. Download the paid version.

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