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Download Latest ZoneAlarm Free Firewall

ZoneAlarm Firewall
ZoneAlarm Free Firewall

“ZoneAlarm Free Firewall” protects your PC and thus your data from espionage and attacks from the Internet, over a network or a public WLAN. With its “stealth mode”, the free firewall ensures that your computer is invisible on the Internet. On the one hand, the firewall software prevents anyone from accessing the hard disk of your PC via the Internet. For example, typical scan attacks are detected and blocked by hackers or malware from the network. On the other hand, the tool prevents unwanted data transmissions of already installed programs. In addition, ZoneAlarm tries to fend off Internet attackers who want to crash your computer. Different levels of security for local area networks and the Internet provide individual firewall settings. The latest version of this software is, updated on October, 2018.


Name of Software: ZoneAlarm Free Firewall

Type of Software: Freeware

Category: Security | firewall

Publisher: Check Point Software Technologies

Size: 5.05 MB

Last Updated: 24/10/2018

Customize ZoneAlarm Free Firewall

Working with “ZoneAlarm Free Firewall” is quite tedious at the beginning, because first of all access (for example, from your browser or e-mail program) is required. However, since “ZoneAlarm” is capable of learning, you only need to allow such standard accesses once. In future, access will always be granted on request. In detail, the access rights for individual applications can be precisely defined, for example, whether a program can establish a connection to the Internet or the local network and whether it is allowed to receive data from the Internet/network as a server. It is helpful to switch on the “Microsoft catalog usage”. For example, Internet access to applications that Microsoft has identified as secure and trusted is automatically allowed. Of course, the firewall can be deactivated at any time with a mouse click.

Prevent Identity Theft of Passwords or Credit Card Information

A useful additional feature of “ZoneAlarm Free Firewall” is the protection of your identity data, such as the PINs, passwords, e-mail addresses, credit cards, and identity card number. All important information is recorded in a database. If one of this information stored there is transferred to the Internet without encryption, “ZoneAlarm” answers and requests an explicit confirmation. The warnings are omitted in the websites that you consider safe, such as eBay or Amazon. The system tray allows you to disconnect all existing connections at the click of a mouse, for example when you leave your workstation or activate Game Mode, which temporarily deactivates all messages.

Upgrade ZoneAlarm Virus Protection for Free

If you want to extend the protection of your computer, you can install a free antivirus software directly via the “ZoneAlarm Free Firewall” interface. The program has real-time protection against viruses and checks your PC for intrusions such as spyware, Trojans, worms, bots and other malware at desired intervals. Alternatively, download the free version “ZoneAlarm Free Antivirus + Firewall” directly.

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