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Download Latest Google Chrome

Download latest Google Chrome and enjoy the fastest and secure browsing experience. Any product from Google is always reliable, and in some cases – an uncompromising solution for users. One of the most successful developments in the company is Chrome. It is a free, secure browser that combines simplicity and the latest technology, which allows it to be the most popular web browser in the world.

Download Latest Google Chrome
Google Chrome has become a necessity for web browsing.


Product Title:Google Chrome
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License:Open Source
Last Updated:August 21, 2019
Language Support:Multiple Languages
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The main functionality of Google Chrome

The browser performs a large number of functions. Browsing the web, downloading files from the World Wide Web, text messaging, audio and video playback are just a small part of Google Chrome’s capabilities. Download the latest Google Chrome with the following functions:

  • saving and automatic password entry;
  • translation of pages of sites into foreign languages;
  • preview search results;
  • loading plugins that extend the capabilities of the browser;
  • add and edit bookmarks;
  • Incognito mode;
  • integration and simplified access to Google services;
  • installation of various themes;
  • protection against malware and theft of users’ personal data.

Additional browser features

In addition to the above, Google Chrome has a large number of additional features designed for advanced users. Consider the most useful ones.

Tools for web developers

Users have the ability to view the source code of the pages with syntax highlighting and line numbering. By pressing the key combination Ctrl + Shift + I, you can open an advanced tool for analyzing pages. In addition, in the application store, you can download a large number of extensions that simplify the work of web developers.

Calculator in the address bar

Using the address bar, you can perform math calculations. To do this, enter the desired expression – and the result will instantly appear.

Download Latest Google Chrome and enjoy Single page application

Google Chrome users can create an independent application from any page. It will always be loaded in a separate window without a browser interface. Its shortcut can be placed on the desktop or pinned to the taskbar. To make an application, you must select the item “Tools” in the menu and click on the “Create application shortcuts” button.

Task Manager

The browser is equipped with its own task manager, through which you can view the consumption of computer resources in separate tabs. To open it, you need to press the Shift + Esc.

Features of Google Chrome on Android

On smartphones with the Android operating system, Google Chrome is the default browser. The mobile version of the web browser has its own characteristics. The browser has a high-quality synchronization mechanism between devices, the ability to compress traffic, which can significantly reduce the load on the network. Requests can be entered using voice commands, the robot analyzer quickly adapts to the peculiarities of speech pronunciation by users.

Mobile version, like desktop, works very quickly. Even on low-price smartphones, there are no lags and friezes when browsing the web. Zooming and panning are performed with almost no delays on any sites.

Advantages and disadvantages of Google Chrome

Numerous advantages allow Chrome to be the most popular browser for years. Download the latest Google Chrome and you will discover the following advantages:

  • Chrome works very quickly; it surpasses all competitors in this parameter. There is also a function of preloading pages, which further increases the speed of work.
  • Security. Developers are constantly working on the introduction of new technologies that provide security. The browser has a database of phishing and malicious resources, which is constantly updated.
  • The interface is very carefully thought out; it contains everything you need, without unnecessary elements.
  • Various extensions, plug-ins, themes, like the browser itself, are free.
  • The browser is available on all popular operating systems: Windows XP – Windows 10, iOS, Linux.
  • The program version is updated automatically, the process takes several minutes.
  • Translation of pages into other languages ​​is carried out in just a few seconds.
  • Requests can be specified by voice using the “OK, Google” service.

Also, the browser has several drawbacks. Among them:

  • Chrome on Windows 7 and newer versions require at least 2 GB of RAM for normal operation.
  • Most extensions and plugins are in English.
  • Because of the significant load on the hardware, the battery of laptops and smartphones quickly sinks.

Download latest Google Chrome from official website

Google Chrome is a high-quality web browser, which, due to its numerous advantages, is the best on the browser market. Developers are constantly working to improve the speed, security, and stability of the browser. Before you download the latest Google Chrome for free, read the characteristics of the software and the requirements for your device. And always download latest Google Chrome from the official website.

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