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Download Latest Google Chrome

Google Chrome
Google Chrome Browser Download

Download latest Google Chrome and experience a new way of browsing. Chrome is undoubtedly the best among the browsers for Windows. The 64-bit new version of Chrome combines numerous security features and easy handling with the speed and stability needed for fast surfing. In addition, intelligent routines and careful resource requirements ensure smooth and comfortable working. Among the many features of the software is the “Omnibox Pre-Rendering”, which proactively transmits the page content of the presumed destinations, even while you type something in the address bar. “Instant Pages” determines which link you’re likely to click – and previews its content.

Omnibox Feature is Introduced: Download Latest Google Chrome

Like Opera and Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome does not use two separate input lists. The address bar and the search field merge into the so-called OmniBox. Chrome has the ability to automatically recognize and differentiate between URL and search keyword. When you type, you’ll receive a continuously updated list of term suggestions from previous searches. By default, the web browser uses the Google search engine. If you prefer another search provider, such as Bing, simply change the settings in the settings.


Name of Software: Google Chrome (64 bit) 71.0.3578.98 | Report update

Last Updated: 13/12/2018

Compatibility: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7

Software Type: Freeware

File Size: 53.60 MB

Publisher: Google

Software Category: Browser

The Latest Google Chrome Becomes Easier to Use: Select Web Pages via Thumbnail View

The handling of the very compact “Google Chrome” browser is based on proven standards: Using tabs tabbed or tabbed you work at the same time with multiple websites, without losing track. You can also open a tab as a stand-alone window via drag & drop. Convenient: When you access the Chrome Internet browser (unless another start page is set) or open a new tab, you’ll see the history of most visited web pages, either as thumbnails or as a link list. In addition, you can check anytime your last browsing status.

Download Latest Google Chrome and Enjoy the Power HTML5 Player

Download Latest Google Chrome with extended multimedia features. Technically, “Google Chrome” masters all latest developments of markup and styling coding. For example, you can watch HTML5 videos directly without additional plugins. But also MP3s, AAC audio or MP4 videos, the browser plays without further codecs internally. You also got the ability to view any web page as PDF document using its integrated print preview option. You can also download any web page as PDF document.

Surf Safely Using the Chrome Browser, Thanks to Sandbox

Download latest Google Chrome which executes each browser tab in separate sandbox including JavaScript and plugins. This technique locks access to important system files and thus blocks malicious code from locking in on your computer. To increase data security, you can surf the “incognito” browser window with “Google Chrome” without saving traces of the visited websites or cookies. This is helpful if your computer is used by multiple users or when you are browsing on public computers.

Download Latest Google Chrome with New Features against Phishing and Malware

“Google Chrome” detects phishing sites or websites with malicious programs. IT has the ability to identify dangerous downloads and make “blacklist” of infected files and a “whitelist” of innocuous programs. Even it acts immediately against any attack by itself: Toolbars, which are usually unwanted installed by other software, enabling the web browser only after an express confirmation of the user. In addition, changes to the start page are only possible if you permit. The on-the-fly Do-Not-Track feature enables you to prevent tracking your browsing behavior. A small note in the address bar is also informative: Web pages that query passwords or e-mail data are marked as “not sure” by the browser if no HTTPS protocol is used. In the incognito mode, all pages without HTTPS are given a warning. Just download latest Google Chrome and experience its power.

Sync Bookmarks and Passwords with Your Smartphone & Tablet

If you are signed in with your Google Account, you can compare the tabs, bookmarks, and passwords opened in “Google Chrome” on your laptop, iPad, iPhone, or Android smartphone and tablet. Between PCs, even themes and extensions are synchronized. Thanks to the account link, multiple users can also use a “Chrome” version with their own settings. “Google Chrome” also comes with an integrated translation of websites based on “Google Translate”. When you access a website of different language, a mouse click is sufficient and the page is translated.

Download Latest Google Chrome Apps and Extensions

The 64-bit version of Google’s Chrome browser is easy to expand. Already on the start page, users can expect an overview of all installed web applications (“apps”). Full integration with the Chrome Web Store allows new apps to be found and installed with just a few mouse clicks. Extensions (also called plug-ins or add-ons) are also used to retrofit browser features that are not available in the previous versions of “Google Chrome”; for example RSS feeds, WhatsApp or social media plugins for Facebook and Twitter. The extensions can even be loaded in incognito mode. For each extension you have the ability to set them active or inactive individually.

Chrome Update: Changes and New Features

“Google Chrome” is characterized by frequent updates. For most installations, “Chrome” logs in with an auto-update. Updating the Google browser usually brings new features to a big version jump. Otherwise, bugs are fixed on a regular basis, bug fixes are made, and security and stability features are improved, making “Google Chrome” faster and safer.

The Conclusion to the Latest Google Chrome Browser

Google Chrome is one of the best web browsers in terms of security, speed, and functionality, and is an alternative to Firefox. Security features such as anti-phishing and incognito mode, as well as intelligent operating features like the OmniBox, make sure you can surf easily and securely. Free extensions and direct access to Google apps complete the features of the Chrome browser.

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