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Download KMPlayer for pc free

KMPlayer for pc is one of the most well-known media players. The program has become one of the first alternatives to the standard Windows player and for many years has enjoyed constant popularity among users. This software since the first release is free and can be downloaded from its official website.

KMPlayer for pc
KMPlayer is able to open any known format


Product Title:KMPlayer
Category:Video Software
Last Updated:July 9, 2019
Language Support:Multiple Languages
Download Size:47.2 MB – Download Now

The highlight of the software is the presence of embedded codecs, so there is no need to search for them and install them separately. The program is universal from the user’s point of view: it successfully recognizes the maximum number of existing media formats, including closed ones. Another advantage: the player is able to reproduce fragments of tracks or damaged files (the “gap” is skipped and a stream of further streaming follows).

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An important factor is the arsenal of customizable player options: the default settings are quite suitable for performing basic tasks, but the professional will be pleased with a whole range of additional functions. In particular, the player allows you to play and edit subtitles, set the duration of a fragment of the broadcast, use the system to improve image quality and noise cancellation.

Main features of KMPlayer for pc

The built-in players from Windows or Apple do not cope with playing widescreen formats and some file types. The release of the new Windows 10 operating system has changed little – pre-installed codecs do not work with old video formats and do not support some new ones. But KMPlayer for pc has much functionality for playing quality video.

Main functions:

  • video playback (streaming and non-streaming), as well as audio of various formats;
  • the launch of “broken” and not downloaded to the end of the video;
  • Multilingual subtitle support and editing;
  • cover support;
  • slice clipping (with and without sound) with video;
  • support 40 languages;
  • the ability to play a specified time interval;
  • memorizing the place where the video ended;
  • the multifunctional main screen that allows you to get quick access to the settings of sound, pictures, subtitles, etc .;
  • improved video processing (post-processing);
  • consistent and surround noise reduction;
  • You can slow down or speed up the material being viewed.

The program aligns the volume level, especially useful with uneven distribution of sound in the video.

Advantages and disadvantages of KMPlayer for pc

The competition in the market of video players is extremely high. Developers are trying to simplify their applications as much as possible: add a simple interface, update codecs, or make an action to purchase an application.


  • works with all versions of Windows except Vista;
  • the program itself is configured and does not require the direct intervention of an un-advanced user;
  • a wide base of various settings is available for professional users: from changing the brightness to adding your own subtitles;
  • video playback from any sources: obsolete DVDs, Explorer, links from the Internet or directly from an FTP server;
  • relatively low processor load;
  • the function “Foreground” reduces the image and transfers it to the main screen on top of other windows.


  • not very good at listening to music;
  • on weak computers, post-processing (included in the settings) significantly loads the processor.

The program uses illegal codecs, for which in February 2009 KMPlayer was brought to the “Hall of Shame” project FFmpeg.


In fact, calling KMPlayer as a player is not quite right: by the number of functions, it can also act as an effective editor. Thus, in the arsenal of the program, there is the possibility of video capture, DE interlacing, the imposition of sound from an external source and much more. With such an abundance of options, working with the program is extremely simple and intuitive. To enhance comfort, the program interface has been translated into most languages. Download KMPlayer for pc free from the following link.

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