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Download IrfanView Free Image Viewer

View, edit and present photos – all this is easy with IrfanView. The free software not only presents the most important image formats but also has great features for editing and converting graphics and photos. With the right program extensions, IrfanView even plays audio and video files from MP3 to WAV to MPEG and AVI. Download IrfanView from the link available here in fullfreesoftwaredownload.com.

Any work of digital images is available with IrfanView

In the so-called “batch mode” of IrfanView you can convert multiple files “in one go” and perform automatic color correction for multiple images in one go. The latter feature is especially useful when shooting under difficult lighting conditions. Furthermore, contact prints can be printed with just a few clicks and photos can be provided with effects such as sharpening, blurring, “oil painting” or “relief”. You can download the latest version of IrfanView from the official website.


Product Title:IrfanView
Developer:Irfan Skiljan
Category:Image Viewer
Last Updated:May 15, 2019
Language Support:Multiple Languages
Download Size:2.38 MB – Download Now

Features of IrfanView

After a brief introduction and commendable words, let’s move on to a review of the characteristics that made the program so famous. Among the main characteristics for both the regular and portable versions of the utility, I would like to point out the following:

  • Support all popular graphics image formats
  • Ability to shoot from the screen (creating screenshots)
  • Display images received from the scanner
  • Ability to edit image size
  • Display pictures in full-screen slideshow mode
  • Storing full image information
  • Turning images clockwise and applying various effects to it
  • Ability to cut, drag, paste and other manipulations with a certain part of the picture
  • Convert photo to computer screen saver
  • Automatically convert image formats
  • “Smart” auto setting of image parameters (shadow, gamma, saturation)

Present photos: Create slideshow with music

In terms of editing options, IrfanView offers the usual standards such as rotation, mirroring, color correction and scaling. In addition, you can remove “red eyes” and insert effective caption texts. With the so-called “Crop” function, you can precisely trim images onto a marked area. In addition, photos can be presented as a slideshow or saved as a background for the Windows desktop. Convenient: You can also save the slide show as a self-running presentation (in EXE format up to 4 gigabytes in size) and as a screensaver (in SCR format) or burn it directly to CD. If the appropriate MP3 plug-in is installed, you have the opportunity to add the photo show with music right away.

Thumbnails: Create contact sheets of photos

IrfanView has a thumbnail module that displays photos in selected folders clearly as mini-images. The size of the thumbnails can be adjusted variably. Practically, you cannot just pass a photo to the main program by double-clicking, but you can, for example, print selected thumbnails in the form of contact sheets, convert them in batch mode or transfer them to an FTP server. Use the snapshot feature to take specific pictures of the current desktop or selected application windows. These can then be edited and saved with IrfanView. In doing so, the “serial function” proves to be useful, which automatically captures the current screen or the current window at a specified time interval.

If you have a scanner, you can use the “Copy Shop” function. You can use this function to scan newspaper pages or photos and print them out with a short time delay.

IrfanView as an image editor

When displaying pictures, the utility has a high-quality set of tools for editing, batch conversion, extracting a section of a picture by highlighting the desired area. A user can preview a picture in a thumbnail version, extract an image from an icon, create screenshots and control processes from the keyboard. There are also features such as blur, rotate, sharpen, remove red-eye, as well as the ability to simulate painting, filters for averaging borders and colors. If you add re-sampling algorithms for scaling images, which are also present in IrfanView, then this program becomes almost a professional editor, able even to create some kind of rivalry to the powerful photo editor Photoshop.

Extend IrfanView functionality with plugins

For more functional work IrfanView developers have created a huge number of plug-ins for both 32 and 64-bit version. At the moment, their number has exceeded 60. Thanks to the plugins, the program is able to work with even more file formats, as well as get new features for editing images. By installing these extensions, the user will be able to use filters, give the image a kind of film, get the opportunity to create presentations and much more.

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