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Download IObit Malware Fighter

IObit Malware Fighter is one of the many utilities now available for finding and removing malicious and potentially unwanted programs, available in both the free base version and the paid Pro with additional features and the built-in BitDefender engine.

IObit Malware Fighter
Remove malicious programs with IObit Malware Fighter


Product Title: IObit Malware Fighter
Developer: IObit
Category: Security Software/ Anti Spyware
License: Freeware
Last Updated: August 23, 2019
Compatibility: Windows
Language: Multi-Languages
Download Size: 61.09MB – Download Now

In this review – about the interface and the possibilities of IObit Malware Fighter in terms of protection against threats and the search for potentially unwanted software. Usually, I don’t write about paid products, but this time the developers sent me a license key without any obligations on my part, and I decided to see what the utility can do. See also: Top malware removal tools.

IObit Malware Fighter Scanning

After the first launch of the program, you will be greeted by a window with a message stating that your computer may be at risk. After performing the scan, you will receive a list of threats (if they are detected) and a suggestion to enable the paid functions of the programs.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t assess how effective the threats are: I don’t know what would be potentially undesirable, but not dangerous, to establish what most of these scanners would find (if you have any suggestions, share them in the comments).

IObit Malware Fighter test file successfully detects in real-time (but only after unpacking it, and not in the downloaded ZIP archive, you need to start the scan manually from the file context menu in order for the threat to show up in it):

Among the additional features that are already available in the free version of the programs:

  • Various functions of browser protection and surfing the Internet.
  • Check running processes for threats.

After activating IObit Malware Fighter Pro with a license key, the following is added:

  • The BitDefender antivirus engine (in my case, it did not affect the scan results; upon completion of the check, I was offered to install an additional IObit product)
  • Protect selected files from encryption (Anti-extortion engine).
  • Protect important data with a password.
  • Ability to customize the automatic scan while your computer is idle or on schedule.

Well, after the scan is completed, we check the same computer using AdwCleaner :

Comparison with AdwCleaner

AdwCleaner places the components installed by Malware Fighter itself on the list of potentially unwanted (some common with IObit Advanced System Care); some potentially unwanted changes made to the registry and firewall settings were also detected. Nothing dangerous (PUP.Optional says exactly that), but in any case, I’m informed about this with the ability to look at what was found and make a decision.

This is not some kind of conclusion: in order to do it, you should test the utility on a computer where there is definitely malware (preferably a variety, rather than simple text files) and compare the results with other similar programs. That is, I cannot definitely say – IObit Malware Fighter is good or not. Do you have experience?

The only thing that I will definitely note is not liked, so these are frightening inscriptions that are present in the program, not related to reality.

I remember the same thing about other IObit products: Advanced System Care, Driver Booster, they all love (or loved when I tried) to show notifications with red lights, sad smiles and text on very poor performance (for example, drivers that are not related to it and moreover, when replaced with a newer version, they stop working normally), an unimaginable number of errors in the registry and similar things.

Their essence is only to encourage a weakly understanding user to buy a license for this or install another program of the same developer. You will be offered something to fix on a perfectly clean, newly installed licensed Windows without any third-party software, and it always looks like this to cause spontaneous decisions to a user who has little understanding of such things.

Download and Install IObit Malware Fighter

The installation of the program does not present any difficulties and does not contain any particular nuances. I decided to highlight this, as I remember, a few years ago IObit products could add something from themselves to the load during installation.

This time everything is clean and smooth, with the exception of very small nuances, such as the text in the screenshot above. You can download IObit Malware Fighter from the official website.

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