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Download GnuCash Accounting Software

GnuCash Accounting Software is a program that is used to carry out domestic or small business accounts. It allows managing various aspects of finances for better control of them. This full free software is available for Windows, Mac and Linux based operating systems. The latest stable release version of GnuCash is 3.6, released on Jun 30, 2019, available for download for the official website.

GnuCash Accounting Software
GnuCash Accounting Software is designed for individuals and small businesses.


Product Title:GnuCash
Developer:GnuCash Project
Category:Accounting Software
License:Open Source
Last Updated:June 30, 2019
Language Support:Multiple Languages
Download Size:178 MB – Download Now

GnuCash Accounting Software functionality

  • Graphical user interface;
  • The standard double entry for accounting;
  • Scheduled transactions;
  • Credit payments;
  • Build reports and graphs;
  • Accounting support for small businesses;
  • Import data files from other financial systems OFX, QIF;
  • (Limited) support for multi-user SQL database interface;
  • Multicurrency accounting;
  • Work with a portfolio of shares and shares of mutual investment funds;
  • Obtaining data on stocks and shares via the Internet;
  • Financial calculator.

GnuCash Manages All of Your Financial Data

GnuCash Accounting Software allows you to enter data on banking activities, expenses, income, etc.; and also allows you to enter the expiration dates of the invoices, to receive reminder alerts when the time comes. In the case of small businesses, it allows entering customers, suppliers, controlling stocks and other data of interest; and help in the different billings to be made.

The application allows you to carry books with accounting balances and generate reports supported by graphs that help to achieve better financial management.

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GnuCash Accounting Software allows you to import data in OFX, HBCI and QIF format, and supports FinTS (an online banking service), in addition to supporting transactions in multiple currencies.

A manual is available (in English), which details all the possible functions offered by this application, and which is advisable to consult in case there are doubts about how to manage personal finances.

GnuCash 3.6 is the latest stable release version, updated on Jun 30, 2019, of this management and administration software, available for several platforms (Windows, Linux, Mac OS X), which can also be downloaded for free.

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