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Download Firefox Quantum browser free

In November 2017 a heavily updated version of Mozilla Firefox (version 57) was released, which received a new name – Firefox Quantum browser. The interface has been updated, the browser engine, new functions have been added, the launch of tabs in individual processes (but with some features), the efficiency of working with multi-core processors has been improved, and it is stated that the speed is up to two times higher than previous versions of Mozilla browser. Currently, 68.0.2 is the latest version, released on August 14, 2019, available for free download.

Firefox Quantum browser
Firefox Quantum is a new browser worth trying

In this small review – about new features and capabilities of the browser, why it is worth trying, regardless of whether you are using Google Chrome or has always used Mozilla Firefox and are now unhappy that it has turned into “another chrome”.


Product Title:Firefox Quantum
Developer:Mozilla Organization
Category:Browsers and Plugins
License:Open Source
Last Updated:August 14, 2019
Language Support:Multiple Languages
Download Size:45.9 MB – Download Now

New Mozilla Firefox interface

The first thing you can notice when you start Firefox Quantum is a new, completely redesigned browser interface, which may seem too similar to Chrome (or Microsoft Edge in Windows 10 ) to adherents of the “old” version, and the developers call it “Photon Design”.

There are personalization options that include setting up controls by dragging them into several active zones in the browser (in the bookmarks bar, toolbar, window title bar, and in a separate area opened by pressing the double-arrow button). If necessary, you can remove unnecessary controls from the Firefox window (using the context menu when you click on this element or by dragging and dropping in the settings section “Personalization”).

It also claims better support for high-resolution displays and scaling, and additional features when using the touch screen. A button with the image of books appeared in the toolbar, which opens access to bookmarks, downloads, screenshots (made by Firefox itself) and other elements.

Firefox Quantum browser began to use several processes when working.

Previously, all tabs in Mozilla Firefox were launched in one process. Some users were happy about it because the browser required less RAM for work, but there is a drawback: in the event of a failure on one of the tabs, all of them are closed.

In Firefox 54, 2 processes were used (for the interface and for the pages), in Firefox Quantum — more, but not as Chrome, where for each tab a separate Windows process (or another OS) is started, and otherwise: up to 4 processes for one tab (can be changed in performance settings from 1 to 7), while in some cases one process can be used for two or more open tabs in the browser.

The developers explain in detail their approach and claim that the optimal number of processes is running and, all other things being equal, the browser requires less memory (up to one and a half times) than Google Chrome and it works faster (and the advantage is maintained in Windows 10, macOS and Linux).

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I tried to open several identical tabs without ads (different ads may consume different amounts of resources) in both browsers (both browsers are clean, without add-ons or extensions) and the picture is different for me from what is stated: Mozilla Firefox uses more RAM (but less CPU).

Although, some other reviews I have met on the Internet, on the contrary, confirm a more economical use of memory. At the same time, subjectively, Firefox really opens sites faster.

Note: here it is worth considering that using browsers of available RAM is not in itself bad and speeds up their work. It would be worse if the result of rendering pages was saved to disk or they were redrawn when scrolling or moving to the previous tab (this would save RAM, but it would most likely cause you to look for another browser variant).

Older add-ons are no longer supported.

The usual Firefox add-ons (very functional compared to Chrome extensions and many favorites) are no longer supported. Now you can install only the more secure WebExtensions extensions. You can view the list of add-ons and install new ones (and also see which of your add-ons stopped working if you updated your browser from the previous version) in the settings in the Add-ons section.

Most likely, most popular extensions will soon be available in new versions supported by Mozilla Firefox Quantum. At the same time, Firefox add-ons remain more functional than Chrome or Microsoft Edge extensions.

Additional features of Quantum browser

In addition to the above, Mozilla Firefox Quantum has added support for the web assembly programming language, WebVR virtual reality tools and tools for creating screenshots of the visible area or the entire page opened in the browser (accessed by clicking the ellipsis in the address bar).

It also supports synchronization of tabs and other materials (Firefox Sync) between several computers, iOS, and Android mobile devices.

Where to download Firefox Quantum browser

You can download Firefox Quantum browser for free from the official site and, if you are not 100% sure that your current browser suits you completely, I recommend trying this option, it is quite possible you will like it: it is really not just Google Chrome (unlike most browsers) and surpasses it in some parameters.

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