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Download Dr.Web CureIt Security Software

Dr.Web CureIt security software is a special program designed to clean your computer from unwanted and potentially dangerous software that can cause your operating system to crash and seriously harm your device. Users call it a healing utility. After all, Doctor Web CureIt!  allows you to quickly scan the system for malware detection, get a detailed report and remove all unwanted content in quarantine. Using this software ensures uninterrupted operation of your system and protection of your computer from annoying failures. You can download this security software free from the official website.

Dr.Web CureIt
Dr.Web CureIt! is a free security software


Product Title:Dr.Web CureIt
Developer:Doctor Web
Category:Security Software
Last Updated:August 21, 2019
Language Support:Multiple Languages
Download Size:174 MB – Download Now

Distributed by Dr.Web, CureIt! is free. And to work with it, downloading to your hard disk is optional. You can start scanning the operating system directly from the official site of the developer of this program. For this, there is a special function. Or, you can download Dr. Web CureIt!  from our website and check the computer for the safety of working with it.

What’s new in Dr.Web CureIt Security Software

Dr.Web CureIt! is a free treating utility (scanner) based on the Dr.Web anti-virus program, which quickly and efficiently checks and disinfects a computer without installing the Dr.Web anti-virus itself?

New Dr.Web CureIt! detects and removes email and network worms, file viruses, trojans, stealth viruses, polymorphic, disembodied and macro viruses, viruses that affect MS Office documents, script viruses, spyware (spyware), password hijackers, dialers, adware (adware), hacking tools, potentially dangerous software, and any other unwanted codes.

Features of Dr.Web CureIt Security Software

Dr.Web CureIt security software differs from other tools in high efficiency, convenience in use and speed of work. A distinctive feature of this program is that it does not require downloading to a computer and, accordingly, regular installation of updates. After all, such programs are being improved and modernized very often. You can work with this program directly from the developer’s site, which allows you to start scanning your PC at any time if you suspect that viruses and other malicious programs have appeared in its system. The features of the new version of Dr.Web CureIt! can be summarized as follows:

  • New and convenient user interface.
  • Improved rootkit scanner.
  • Flexible computer scan configuration settings.
  • Blocking a network connection to effectively scan your computer for viruses.
  • Support for multi-core processors to accelerate scanning several times.
  • The new version of Dr.Web CureIt has become a stable program that prevents the system from hanging up or crashing during the scan.
  • Check the system BIOS for infection BIOS-Kits.
  • System blocking low-level recording on the system disk.
  • Support for any version of Windows.

Dr. Web CureIt!  to protect your computer from viruses

The main distinguishing feature of the utility CureIt on Windows is its protected principle of operation. It carries out a check regardless of how damaged your computer is. It is important to just run this utility and start scanning. To do this just save the downloaded file anywhere on your computer and run it. You can choose the standard or advanced scan method CureIt! The advanced method will take you a little longer than the standard one, so you need to keep this in mind. Next, click the “start” button to start checking the computer. The utility will find all active or inactive threats in your system and ask you for permission to remove it.

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Dr.Web CureIt security software has a huge database, which is not surprising because its developer is a well-known company for the development and implementation of “treating” programs. This software allows you to detect:

  • Viruses;
  • Hacking tools;
  • Dialers;
  • Pop-up ads;
  • Add-on loading system etc.

Its periodic use is recommended to all those who have access to the Internet and are engaged in downloading various programs, games, music, movies from the network.

How Dr.Web CureIt! works

The work of the treating utility Dr.Web CureIt security software consists of several stages. First, a general analysis of the operating system is performed, which scans hard drives, removable media, boot files, memory modules, folders, etc. Moreover, this software can scan both the entire OS and certain parts of it.

Upon completion of the scan, the user receives a detailed report on the potentially dangerous software detected on the system. Further, he himself chooses the necessary actions that Doctor Web CureIt! can perform with them:

  • “Cure” damaged files;
  • Send unwanted software to quarantine;
  • Completely remove dangerous content from the system.

With regular use of Dr.Web CureIt!, it guarantees the safety of your computer device and reliable protection of its OS against viruses.

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