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Download Apache OpenOffice Free

“Apache OpenOffice” seriously challenges the market leader Microsoft Office. Like the prototype, the free open-source office package contains the following modules: writing program, spreadsheet, presentation program, database, graphics software, and formula editor. Practical: With “OpenOffice” you can read and edit current Microsoft Office documents in the file formats DOCX, XLSX, and PPTX and save them as DOC, XLS or PPT (ie in the original MS-Office 97, 2000 and 2003 formats ). In addition, labels and business cards from major manufacturers can be printed and documents generated in PDF format. The “Start Center” of the office software gives you easy access to all program components; and with the sidebar, which can also be decoupled from the main window, keep track of all formatting options and settings. Practical: Each module can be used to create new documents for other applications. The source code of the freeware suite split off from the commercial StarOffice is the basis for the likewise free “LibreOffice”.


Name of Program: OpenOffice

Program Type: Open Source

Publisher: The The Apache Software Foundation

Compatibility: Windows,

File Size: 167.19 MB

Last Updated: 19/11/2018

OpenOffice Writer: Professional writing program

With the “Writer” you can create texts like “Microsoft Word” under “OpenOffice”. The word processor has auto-text and auto-correction features, spell checking, hyphenation, thesaurus, database merge with mail merge option and image import options, as well as footnotes and table of contents tools. “OpenOffice Writer” also provides a variety of features for sophisticated layouts of your text documents and for working with stylesheets. In addition, the office package provides design options for tables and an “HTML mode”, with which you design web pages.

OpenOffice Calc: spreadsheet with formulas for professionals

“Calc”, the “OpenOffice” counterpart to “Microsoft Excel”, also comes with a considerable range of functions. It contains more than 300 predefined functions as well as a wide range of 2D and 3D diagrams, from simple bar charts to net charts. Sophisticated tasks are easily handled with the spreadsheet thanks to features such as “target value search”, “solver”, “autofilter” or “data pilot”.

OpenOffice Impress as a PowerPoint Alternative for Creating Presentations

A presentation software comparable to “Microsoft PowerPoint” keeps “OpenOffice” ready with “Impress”. In no time at all, you can produce sophisticated presentations for output on the paper, slide, overhead transparencies or screen. In addition, it is possible to export the slides as a Flash movie. Not only the “autopilot” of “OpenOffice Impress” looks professional, but also the wealth of effective slide transitions.

OpenOffice Draw: Use a Drawing Program

With the 3D vector program “Draw” you can design graphics up to a size of three square meters. In addition to creating drawings with basic geometric shapes, splines, or Bézier curves, “Draw” offers you various element libraries, such as flowcharts. But also on professional font effects in the “WordArt” style was thought.

OpenOffice Base & Math: Database Administration and Equation Editor

The “OpenOffice” module “Base” accesses existing databases or creates new files, including sophisticated data masks, queries, and reports. An assistant also ensures that you can create a framework for private and business matters quickly and easily. Last but not least, the Math component in scientific papers ensures correct representation of complex formulas and expressions. If you do not have a function in “OpenOffice”, it is worthwhile to look for extensions on the manufacturer side. You may find the right solution in the numerous extensions.

OpenOffice versions for download

In addition to the desktop version for Windows, the office suite “OpenOffice” is also available as a portable version for mobile use on a USB stick as well as for macOS and Linux. All “OpenOffice” downloads can be downloaded from Full Free Software Download.

Conclusion to OpenOffice

The office software “OpenOffice” is a complete solution for home and work, which does not have to shy away from the comparison with the Microsoft Office Suite. Whether you want to lay out texts in a sophisticated way, create scientific papers or form letters, carry out extensive calculations and calculations or create upbeat presentations: The freeware will not let you down and always has the right functions and tools at hand. An appealing interface, expansion options as well as the use of macOS and Linux or the mobile use of “OpenOffice Portable” on a USB stick round off the open-source classic.

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