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Download Apache OpenOffice Free

If you need office applications and you want to get them for free, then we suggest you download Apache OpenOffice for free on your computer. The software has multilingual support, works in major operating systems, and has a simple and intuitive interface. Many of the functions of the software are identical to Microsoft Office. As a result, you can use OpenOffice as an alternative to the costly program from Microsoft.

Apache OpenOffice
Apache OpenOffice is an alternative to the costly Microsoft Office


Product Title:Apache OpenOffice
Developer:Apache Software Foundation
Category:Office Suite
License:Open Source
Last Updated:November 18, 2018
Language Support:Multiple Languages
Download Size:141.34 MB – Download Now

Moreover, to find and download the boot file is not so difficult. This program can be installed both on a personal computer and on computers of private companies, in state institutions, universities, and schools. In this case, all this is done for free and do not need to buy any license. The validity of the package has no restrictions. On 18 November 2018, Apache has released the latest version of OpenOffice which can be downloaded from the official website.

What can you do with Apache OpenOffice?

Open Office consists of a package of utilities, without which it is indispensable. The followings are some of the useful functions you will find with OpenOffice:

  • The writer is a text editor that will compete with MS Word,
  • Calc – the utility is useful for creating tables for calculations, for maintaining extensive catalogs, creating price lists and lists. Analog from the company Microsoft – MS Excel,
  • Impress is a version of MS Powerpoint that allows you to create presentations,
  • The base is an analog of MS Acess, which manages databases,
  • Draw – will be a replacement for Paint to work with two-dimensional vector graphics,
  • Math is a unique program that allows you to write and edit mathematical equations.

Utilities support the work of Flash, all documents can be exported to PDF. The third version of the program supports such formats as .xlsx, .docx, .pptx.

Many users who have already downloaded Open Office for free for Windows 10, 8, 7, note that there is no need to install the package. It easily opens just from the folder. And this means that you can download the packs to your flash drive and open them on any device, even if the Microsoft package is installed there.

The Write editor, if you have spelling dictionaries, will automatically check the spelling. You can also customize the word wrap to another line. The version of the program that was included in the 2014 package no longer requires a separate dictionary installation, which is undoubtedly a plus of the utility.

Open Office is easy to use, so even if you first discovered any of the utilities, you will quickly understand their functionality. Meanwhile, there are more specific functions that will be useful to one or another specialist (for example, building charts and overview tables).

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If you download Apache OpenOffice for free, you will understand that even free programs may well compete with commercial giants. Moreover, the software can even open files that are made with any version of Microsoft Office.

During installation, you will be asked to download a set of other components that you may need in your work. But this is optional. Programs allow you to change the font, its size, and color, decorate fields, and create underlays, footers and much more. Various operations are built into the Calc table, which sort names by different parameters.

Benefits of OpenOffice

It is worth noting:

  • You can download Apache OpenOffice for free in and at the same time get a high-quality, stable product that works without failures,
  • PDF support
  • the presence of built-in add-ons
  • the presence of the editor math,
  • compatibility with both versions of Windows XP and 10-key,
  • availability of a visual HTML editor,
  • run without installation.


Users note that when launching a package from a flash drive, they will need a little more time to decompress. Also in the database, there are a number of not quite relevant additions.

The conclusion to Apache OpenOffice

You can download Apache OpenOffice for free to get a software package that will allow you to work with text, maintain tables, manage data, and make presentations. Moreover, in terms of quality and stability of work, these programs are not inferior to commercial options.

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