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Download and Install GIMP Free

Download and install GIMP free from the link available in this page of fullfreesoftwaredownload.com.GIMP is one of the most feature-rich raster graphics editors. The program name stands for the GNU Image Manipulation Program – an application created to modify and create images, it is distributed freely. The program is suitable for those who want to learn how to edit photos, create collages, study computer graphics or work with it on a professional level. Download and Install GIMP Free from the official website.

Download and Install GIMP Free
GIMP is a free and quality image editor


Product Title:GIMP
Developer:The GIMP Team
Category:Graphics Software
License:Open Source
Last Updated:June 12, 2019
Language Support:Multiple Languages
Download Size:223.23 MB – Download Now

Main features of GIMP

The functionality of the application is so wide that it is often used as the main alternative to the famous Photoshop. Download and install GIMP free and the editor allows you to:

  • combine images into collages;
  • retouch images, getting rid of the noise, optical distortion, littered horizons, etc .;
  • correct the perspective of photos;
  • adjust colors, brightness, contrast, etc .;
  • paint;
  • create logos, stamps, and other printed products;
  • change graphic file formats;
  • customize the interface to your taste and your needs.

The program is regularly updated, the functionality is enriched, and plug-ins and extensions are created, allowing using the graphical editor in all areas where work with graphics of any level is required.

The program supports all the basic functions required for artists, designers, and enthusiasts:

  • brushes (fully customizable), pencils, sprayers, etc.;
  • working with alpha channel for using and adjusting transparency;
  • layers indispensable for truly flexible image customization;
  • channels;
  • scaling, rotation, reflection and curvature of objects;
  • many selection options, including the “magic wand”, Bezier and intelligent algorithms;
  • graphics tablet support.

GIMP supports the automation of image creation, which can be useful when using it in production or for generating graphics in web technologies.

The application is used not only by artists and designers but also by scientists for processing graphics. It is available to each user and has an open-source that can be modified to fit your needs.


The main advantage of the program over other graphics editors is free and multiplatform: there is a version for Windows 10, 7, as well as Vista and XP; it works on GNU / Linux, macOS, FreeBSD, Solaris, and AmigaOS 4.

The application implements a technology that promotes a reasonable allocation of memory. Because of this, you can create a picture of any size, the limitation can only be the final volume of the hard disk – RAM is not overloaded.

The same technology allows you to save the entire sequence of operations performed and to undo or redo actions with almost no restrictions (only the hard disk volume again serves as a limitation).

Other advantages:

  • high-quality anti-aliasing due to sub-pixel sampling;
  • the ability to create scripts using scripting and programming languages;
  • support a huge number of file formats;
  • the ability to export graphics not only to other graphic formats but also to PDF;
  • support for some vector tools;
  • intuitive interface.

GIMP has a large knowledge base – an extensive help that can be called by pressing the F1 key with the help supplement installed or found on the official website and in a wide range of language community.

System requirements

This is one of the most undemanding raster graphics editors. Enough for the PC to have:

  • Intel Pentium III or AMD Athlon XP processor;
  • 512 megabytes of RAM;
  • any graphics card with support for 3D and 64 megabytes of memory;
  • hard disk with an available capacity of at least 100 megabytes;
  • monitor with a resolution of 1024×768;
  • keyboard, mouse or tablet.

The help system may also require Internet Explorer 6 or any other browser installed and Internet access. The operating system can be any, including 32 or 64 Windows 7.

A brief history of creation

Initially, the application was created as a graduation project in 1995. Its creators were Spencer Kimbell and Peter Mattis. Then the acronym GIMP stands for General Image Manipulation Program. The first word General was replaced by GNU (license for free software distribution) only in 1997 when the program officially joined the GNU project.

For a long time, the application was developed based on the wishes of users, not having a single direction of development, and then there was no holistic vision of the project. This led to the accumulation of problems, for which the program was registered in OpenUsability in 2005, and in spring 2006 at the Libre Graphics Meeting conference, a group of developers defined the concept of GIMP. The following provisions were approved:

  • free distribution of the program;
  • accessories of the application to high-quality software for photo retouching and creating original graphics;
  • about the application belonging to high-quality software for creating screen and web graphics;
  • about software suitability for research purposes;
  • about easy extensibility additions.

Already in the autumn of the same year, the OpenUsability project conducted a study, the results of which are used in the further development of the application.

GIMP is currently being developed by a team of specialists headed by Sven Neumann and Mitch Natterer. Additionally, the wishes and recommendations of any interested person can be considered.

Over the years, GIMP was loved by millions of users, the project exists and develops thanks to their support, and it received many branches, add-ons and the ability to work on the latest versions of the most popular operating systems, including Windows 10.  Now it is one of the most powerful graphics editors, the functionality of which is available not only to professionals but also to beginners.

Download and Install GIMP Free

It is very easy to download and install GIMP free. But before you download GIMP, read the characteristics of the software and the requirements for your device. We always suggest you download and install GIMP free from the official website.

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