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Download and Install GIMP Free

Download GIMP Free

Whether you want to optimize photos or edit and retouch photos – the free image editing “GIMP” gives you in almost all situations professional tools and retouching features for your photos in the hand. Thus, the GNU Image Manipulation Program (“GIMP” for short) is a free alternative to Adobe Photoshop for private and semi-professional use. The image editor for Windows reads central image formats such as PSD, TIFF or WEBP with 32-bit color depth. Overall, the graphics processing toolbox “GIMP” leaves nothing to be desired. With the free software, you can reduce the size of images, crop and crop them, or rotate, flip and perspective distort images. Also, the correction of color, brightness and contrast, Adjusting the exposure and white balance are easy with the open source program. In addition to such standards, “GIMP” offers the ability to conveniently replace colors, colorize images, retouch stains, straighten the horizon, and clone or smear image areas. GIMP download is available here.

Use GIMP to Create Brushes and Adjust Brush Size

If you download and install GIMP you will be able to edit photos and graphics with paintbrush, aerosol, and pen or ink pen. You can insert, center, rotate or move text. For example, you can achieve visually effective use of text by aligning with a path. Noteworthy among other things is the flexibility of the tooltips. Because you can not only choose from a variety of predefined brush types (such as lines or sponge) but also design your own brush heads and determine the brush size. Equally variable are the size, angle or pressure sensitivity of your creative tools.

GIMP Handles Image Formats such as SVG, PSD and EPS

“GIMP” masters the most important picture formats like EPS, GIF, JPEG, TIF or BMP as well as Photoshop PSD. But “GIMP” can do even more: the scalable vector graphics format SVG or exotic image types like G3, DNG, SGI, BW and RAS can be imported as well as recordings in medical formats like DCOM and DICOM or Autodesk animations. TIFF, PNG, PSD and FITS files are even supported in the 32-bit variant. For the CMYK color model, however, “GIMP” does not provide support.

Free pictures with GIMP

Thanks to flexible selection tools such as “Lasso”, “Magic Wand”, “Magic Scissors” and selecting by color, it is also quite easy to crop objects with “GIMP”. With rectangular or elliptical masks and path tools, GIMP even draws graphics objects such as circles, squares, arcs, or lines using the Trace Path feature. Convenient: Auto draw allows all drawing tools to be used (such as a can, inkwell, and pen) or fill objects with patterns.

Draw on Layers with GIMP

An extremely practical thing is working with layers. For example, “GIMP” allows you to view images as superimposed transparencies. All layers can be edited, faded in and out separately with “GIMP”. You can join, move, rotate or enlarge layers. For example, you have made photo montages in an instant.

Use Filters and Effects from GIMP

Noteworthy is the range of filters that “GIMP” offers. The range of countless and highly variable effects ranges from standards such as “sharpening” and “blurring” to classics such as “glass block” and “oil painting” to “light effects”, shadow or light corrections and real highlights such as the “cartoon” effects. “Van Gogh” and “GIM Pressionist”. Also interesting is the “warp effect”, over which you move or enlarge pixels with the mouse. The effects of filters are displayed in real time, with splitting the photo display allowing a before-and-after view. In addition, the freeware program contains simple animation effects and “web-specific” filters. In all work, the “Journal” offers the possibility to undo operations in a targeted way.

RAW Import: Open Photos in RAW Format with GIMP

“GIMP” is completed by a macro language, which you can “program” your own filters, for example. In addition, editing metadata (Exif, XMP, IPTC and DICOM) is just as possible as working with ICC color profiles. If you install one of the free RAW Raw Therapee or Darktable converters, you can import your RAW file photos directly into GIMP through these optimization tools.

GIMP as a Portable Image Editor

If you want to use “GIMP” on a computer for which you have no rights to install programs, you can set up the open source software on a USB stick. The freeware variant “GIMP Portable” can be started without installation on any PC or notebook, for example directly from a USB stick. This works not only on Windows PCs but also on a computer with a Linux operating system. In this case, the Windows emulator “Wine” required to run the EXE file must be installed. GIMP download is available in addition to the Windows version for macOS and Linux as well as Android app.

Conclusion to GIMP

The free image editor “GIMP” is a professional solution for demanding image processing in all common graphics formats. Functions such as level technology, 32-bit color depth or numerous filters ensure that the freeware achieves appealing results. Download and install GIMP today.

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