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Download AdwCleaner 7 for Windows

AdwCleaner is probably the most effective and easy-to-use free program for finding and removing malicious and potentially unwanted software, as well as traces of its activity (unwanted extensions, tasks in the task scheduler, registry entries, and modified shortcuts). At the same time, the program is constantly updated and remains relevant for newly emerging threats. You can download AdwCleaner 7 for Windows 10, 8, and 7 for free by clicking the link available here in fullfreesoftwaredownload.com

AdwCleaner 7 for Windows
AdwCleaner is a powerful program to remove adware


Product Title:AdwCleaner
Developer:Malwarebytes Corp
Category:Anti Spyware
Last Updated:July 26, 2019
Language Support:Multiple Languages
Download Size:7.3 MB – Download Now

If you often and inattentively install free software from the Internet, browser extensions to download something from somewhere, then you are likely to encounter problems such as browser advertising, pop-up windows, the opening browser itself and similar. It is for such situations that AdwCleaner is designed, allowing even a novice user to remove “viruses” (these are not really viruses, and therefore the antivirus often doesn’t see them) from their computer.

I note that if earlier in my article “I’ve recommended the best malware removal tools to start removing Adware and Malware from other programs (for example, Malwarebytes Anti-malware), now I tend to think that for most users the best first step in cleaning -AtwCleaner, as a free program that works perfectly and does not require installation on a computer, after which you may not need to use anything else.

Using AdwCleaner 7 for Windows

I have already briefly mentioned the use of the utility in the article above (about anti-malware tools). In terms of using the program, the difficulties should not arise from any, even a novice user. Just download AdwCleaner from the official site and click the “Scan” button. But, just in case, in order, as well as some additional features of the utility.

After you download AdwCleaner 7 for Windows (the official website is listed below in the instructions), launch the program (it may need to connect to the Internet to download the latest threat definitions) and click the Scan button in the main program window.

After the scan is complete, you will see the list and number of threats detected. Some of them are not malware as such, but are potentially undesirable (which can affect the operation of browsers and a computer, not be deleted, etc.). In the scan results window, you can familiarize yourself with the found threats, mark what needs to be removed and what should not be removed. Also, if you wish, you can view the scan report (and save it) in plain text file format using the corresponding button.

Click the “Clean and Restore” button. To perform a computer cleanup, AdwCleaner may ask you to restart the computer, do this.

After the cleanup and reboot are completed, you will receive a full report on how many and what threats (by clicking on the “View Report” button) were deleted.

Everything is intuitive and, with the exception of rare cases, there are no problems after using the program (but, in any case, you assume all responsibility for using it). Rare cases include idle Internet and problems with the Windows registry (but this is really rare and can usually be fixed).

Features of AdwCleaner 7

Among other interesting features of the program, I would point out functions for correcting problems with the work of the Internet and opening sites, as well as installing Windows updates, similar to those implemented, for example, in AVZ, and also those that I often describe in instructions. If you go to the settings of AdwCleaner 7 for Windows, then on the Application tab you will find a set of switches. Included actions are performed during cleaning, in addition to removing malware from the computer.

Among the available items:

  • Reset TCP / IP protocol and Winsock (useful when the Internet is not working, as are the following 4 options)
  • Reset hosts file
  • Firewall and IPSec Reset
  • Browser Policies Reset
  • Clear proxy settings
  • Clearing the BITS queue (can help with troubleshooting issues with downloading Windows updates).

Perhaps these items do not tell you anything, but in many cases caused by malware programs with the Internet, opening sites (however, not only malicious – similar problems often arise after removing antivirus) can be solved precisely by resetting these options in addition to deleting unwanted software.

Summing up, I strongly recommend the program to use with one proviso: many sources appeared on the network with the “fake” AdwCleaner, which in itself harms the computer. You can download AdwCleaner 7 for Windows free from the official site. If you download it from another source, I strongly recommend that you first check the executable file on virustotal.com.

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