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Comodo Firewall cyber security

Comodo Firewall for Windows is a firewall designed for cyber security online. It effectively protects against hacker attacks, theft of personal information and malicious files launched from the Internet or from removable media. Unlike the standard Windows firewall, this firewall allows you to configure access for various applications, prohibit or allow work on certain protocols and ports, view the action log, monitor traffic and much more.

Comodo Firewall for cyber security online
Comodo Firewall protects you of cyber threats.


Product Title:Comodo Firewall
Developer:Comodo Group
Category:Security Software
Last Updated:April 24, 2019
Language Support:Multiple Languages
Download Size:88 MB – Download Now

Comodo Firewall Functionality

Comodo Firewall has more advanced functionality compared to other free counterparts, such as PC Tools Firewall Plus. So, the latter comes without an anti-spyware scanner and has a less advanced module to prevent theft of important user data. At the same time, the software we are considering is not inferior to commercial developments like Outpost Firewall Pro. Add an antivirus to it (programs work without conflicts), and you get an impenetrable protective complex for your computer. It provides you with complete cyber security online.

In addition, developers implemented a game mode in the Comodo Firewall. Activating it makes sense when you play a game or watch a movie in full-screen mode and do not want to be distracted by all sorts of messages or requests. In this case, the decision to block scripts will be made by Comodo himself, relying on scenario analysis and security rules (which, by the way, the user can prescribe).

The program comes in the Comodo Internet Security package along with an antivirus, but can be installed separately. This is convenient if you already have an antivirus, you are used to it and do not want to change it.

Comodo Firewall Opportunities:

  • complete cyber security online
  • proactive defense against Internet attacks;
  • prevention of unauthorized access;
  • Strengthening the security of important system data and registry entries;
  • blocking viruses, trojans, spies, keyloggers;
  • setting a ban and permission to access web resources;
  • full control of running applications;
  • scanning installations;
  • analysis of file and protocol behavior through the cloud;
  • providing a “white list”, which includes reliable sites and developers;
  • Firewall memorizing safe processes and connections.


  • buffer overflow prevention;
  • settings taking into account the interests of the user;
  • “Virtual kiosk” for launching the browser, individual programs, cash settlements in the sandbox;
  • game mode without notifications;
  • Stealth Mode – makes the computer invisible while scanning ports.

Things worth working on:

  • most settings require some knowledge of system administration;
  • there are cases of blocking or double-checking completely harmless applications and sites;
  • computer performance is slightly reduced.

If you store important data on your computer or often carry out financial transactions on the Internet, it makes sense to download Comodo Firewall. This program will protect you from password theft, espionage, and hacking.

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