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CCleaner Free Download available here

CCleaner Free Download link is available here with fullfreesoftwaredownload.com. It is actually very difficult for a regular user to correct system errors himself. To free your computer from unnecessary files, clean the registry, fix errors, optimize your system, improve computer performance and clear traces of Internet activity, you will need to have a program like CCleaner. The current version is v5.59.7230, updated in June 2019. You can download it from the official website.

CCleaner Free Download
CCleaner removes unnecessary and temporary files from your system


Product Title: CCleaner
Developer: Piriform Software Ltd.
Category: Cleaning and Tweaking
License: Freeware
Version: 5.61.7392
Last Updated: August 20, 2019
Compatibility: Windows/ Mac
Language: English
Download Size: 20 MB

Programs for cleaning and optimizing your computer

Finding good computer cleaning programs and optimizing games, programs, and systems for free is not easy. The user who decided to download a free program for cleaning the computer, optimizing Windows, programs, and games faces a number of problems. Now a day such software is created in great variety. Each software product has a huge number of ratings, reviews, and comments not only on the manufacturer’s website and its forum but also on various social networks or relevant web resources. Not everyone can understand this variety, and thus hesitate to install on a computer. However, CCleaner free download is available, and it is a good program for cleaning and optimizing your system.

CCleaner description and user opinions

CCleaner is an excellent utility for ridding the system of unclaimed and bad files, multifaceted optimization of games, software, and OS. According to opinions in the social networks Facebook, Twitter, Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki and the like, on various portals and forums over time due to errors in the registry, accumulation of cache and bad files, computer performance decreases. CCleaner helps your computer to show good performance and stability, in parallel freeing up space on HDD and SSD drives.

Interface, strengths, and features

Excellent interface with clear menus and settings, where it’s not difficult to understand, allows even inexperienced computer users to understand what is required of them. Various language supports makes the task doubly easy, because, with English computer terminology, even native speakers of English may have problems.

Some items at the click of a mouse throw out a pop-up window describing the expected result of the program. Such explanations, when they are not necessary, are easily disabled in the settings. If the explanation is not enough, the user can refer to the online help system on the Internet, for this, there is a corresponding button.

Among the advantages of CCleaner, it should be noted that the free version of this utility:

  • has a clear and convenient interface,
  • differs in high performance,
  • has ample opportunities
  • accelerates and stabilizes the system,
  • integrates into the context of the Windows Recycle Bin,
  • frees up additional space on the HDD drive or SSD drive,
  • automatically clears the Temp folder from files older than 24 hours,
  • cleans duplicate files,
  • uses the registry cleaner tool to clean the registry,
  • allows you to create a restore point for reverse rollback,
  • removes unnecessary restore points of the OS, freeing up disk space,
  • manages autorun,
  • is engaged in the installation and uninstallation of programs
  • manages browser add-ons,
  • deletes browser cookies,
  • cleans the history of visits to sites and content downloads.

CCleaner will be a real gift for those computer users who spend a lot of time on the Internet or often work with new programs. Let us dwell in more detail on the most important of the CCleaner functionality. Because of its features, millions of users around the world decided to download the CCleaner program for Windows and install it on their own Windows PC, Macintosh, Android smart or tablet.

To speed up and restore order in OS Windows

Download CCleaner for free for Windows, which thoroughly analyzes and clears the system clipboard, temporary files, memory dumps due to system crashes, history of the Run command, Windows logs, CHKDSK file balances, DNS cache, recycle bin, recent files, programs, wrong shortcuts to the main menu and desktop, verification of free space on the hard disk. As a result, CCleaner puts in order the Start menu, program paths, shortcuts, system services, built-in OS utilities Reg Edit, Paint, WordPad and more.

CCleaner Free Download to uninstall software

CCleaner Free Download, having an “on board” tool to correctly uninstall user programs. Deletion from CCleaner occurs quickly, correctly, efficiently, without residues and traces in the file system and registry.

CCleaner Free Download to clean and edit the registry

CCleaner Free Download using innovative technologies, quickly finding problem areas in the registry, solving them, optimizing it. All entries in the registry are checked for compliance with programs and services. If there are no links, CCleaner will offer to delete empty or failed entries. It checks the integrity and correction of errors associated with incorrect file extensions, fonts, icons, shortcuts, common or missing DLLs, ActiveX failures, Class, ClassIDs, ProgIDs, the correctness of the installed application paths, Windows logs. Before cleaning, CCleaner recommends creating a backup of the registry to undo the changes.

For stripping, secularization and browser acceleration

CCleaner Free Download will enable you deleting Index.dat, cookies and temporary Internet files, surfing history, download paths, list of entered URLs, Internet cache, standard form autocomplete memory, logins, and passwords to closed sites. Removing all confidential, personal and irrelevant information from browsers is the easiest way to securitize and speed up browsers. This kind of browser securitization, among other benefits, is a critical factor in the global security of a computer system. Kleiner supports the most popular browsers Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, IE, Yandex Browser and others.

Not everyone knows that when you quickly access websites, registered cookies and passwords are applied to cookies stored in the browser. If you do not remove the necessary checkboxes in the settings of CCleaner, then after cleaning all cookies the browsers will be deleted. When deleting cookies, the login and password at the entrance will need to be re-entered, that is, re-enter all your accounts on various Internet services.

For cleaning user programs from garbage

The new version of CCleaner is free for download for Windows, which will remove the system from garbage user programs, as well as the programs themselves from their own garbage. Undoubtedly, most of the debris Q Cleaner removes from browsers. However, popular user applications also generate large volumes of temporary files, cache, file lists, history, and other garbage, forgetting to clean up after them. Such programs include Photoshop, Nero Burning ROM, AIMP, Flash Player, KMPlayer, VLC, Skype, uTorrent, Paint .NET, FastStone Image Viewer, eMule, AkelPad, Notepad ++, Java, SmartFTP, WinAmp, DAEMON Tools, and even Windows Defender.

Security and Recovery Points

Mega-safe users obsessed with security, who decided to CCleaner Free Download, can use irretrievable erasure, which is accompanied by certain data rewriting cycles in those HDD or SSD sectors where files with confidential and personal information were stored. Such technology basically does not leave the possibility to recreate the destroyed data. Protecting the user from accidentally deleting important data, CCleaner exposes the process of multi-level verification and creates backup copies. In case of serious problems, CCleaner will help to restore the system using the previously created restore points.

This software is for dummies and experienced system administrators

To enjoy the high speed of the computer, it is enough to CCleaner Free Download for Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP SP 3 (32-bit and 64-bit) and runs on your PC. This program will appeal to both the novice and even the experienced system analyst. Paid versions of Home, Business and Network Edition have advanced functionality and allow you to receive qualified technical support. Paid network program through a single computer optimizes the functioning of the combined networks, both small and large.

Built-in tools allow analysis, cleaning, optimization and acceleration of specific computers, servers, selected workgroups, and the entire corporate network completely, with Active Directory and encryption. Modification Network Professional cleans and defragments hard drives over the network using CCleaner and Defraggler. After the utility works, everything not only starts to work more productively, but also reduces the probability of leakage of confidential information.

Automation, plugins, portable version of CCleaner

Automation is implemented through command line parameters. Thus, it is possible to set a daily launch of CCleaner, for example, at 11 o’clock. To set preferences, you can use the ccleaner.ini file in the root folder of the utility. Via ccleaner.ini it is convenient to transfer settings and scripts between PCs. The CCleaner utility supports plug-in functionality extensions. For example, the CCEnhancer dynamic library provides support for nearly a thousand programs for Windows. The special version of CCleaner Portable runs from CD, DVD, Blu-ray discs, MP3 players, USB flash drives and other removable media. The portable version of CCleaner saves the settings in the portable.dat file located in the program folder. CCleaner can be launched from a removable disk on any computer or laptop without installation.

Disadvantages and competitors

If the computer began to work slowly, and its disks were filled with outdated and broken files, it makes sense to CCleaner Free Download in Russian for Windows 7, 8.1, 10, and also Vista and XP SP 3 (x86 and x64). Of the shortcomings of CCleaner in expert assessments, weak functionality was noted, superficial work without going into details, lack of thoroughness, meticulousness, and perfectionism. Significantly better results can be achieved using the CCleaner cleaning program and the Registry Mechanic registry cleaner. This kit will be more productive than CCleaner, and better clean, optimize and overclock the computer.

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