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Developer Tools are programs for creating websites such as HTML editors, programs for creating menus, programs for visual layout of web pages, etc. You will be able to independently create both a one-page site and a full-fledged portal. We have tried to collect the best versions of programs, and will constantly update and supplement this catalog.

Visual Studio Community 2019 download

Visual Studio Community

Visual Studio Community is one of the three versions of Microsoft Visual Studio which is available free for developers.  It is an IDE (or integrated development environment) created and maintained by Microsoft, for Windows (although there is already a Mac version) and which supports a large number of programming languages …

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Arduino IDE software free download

Arduino IDE software

Arduino IDE software helps programmers to write programs. And they do it much faster and more conveniently than using ordinary text editors. With its help, a sketch written in the Arduino language is checked, turned it into C ++, compiled, and then loaded into Arduino. Theoretically, you can do without …

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Notepad++: the best code editor

Notepad++ code editor

At the moment there are many text or code editors for webmasters with which he can simplify the work as much as he can. So choosing the best one is a difficult task. Therefore, this article describes in detail the code editor Notepad++, which is the leader among code editors. …

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