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Automate keystrokes with AutoHotkey

Automate keystrokes with AutoHotkey. It is an open-source program for creating macros to automate user work. The purpose of the program: to simplify and speed up the work on the computer. The program is designed to simulate the actions of a mouse, keyboard or joystick, as well as launch programs, especially with standard controls, and change their interface. The current version is, which available for download from the official website.


Product Title:AutoHotkey
Developer:Chris Mallett
Category:Desktop Enhancements
License:Open Source
Last Updated:April 5, 2019
Compatibility: Windows
Language Support:Multiple Languages
Download Size:3.3 MB – Download Now

In the first place, managing files, folders, and windows, as well as working with the registry and the clipboard is carried out easily with AutoHotkey. Thanks to the scripting language, whose commands are invoked using hotkeys. AutoHotkey allows you to create elements of a graphical user interface (GUI), call functions of DLLs, and also process text using regular expressions.

Automate keystrokes
Automate keystrokes with AutoHotkey

In addition, the program comes compiler, the purpose of which is to create .exe-files, which will be especially in demand in games. As well as using the utility in any other applications with the help of such software scripts, it will also facilitate the work on the computer.

Furthermore, an interesting feature of AutoHotkey is the automatic replacement of printable text, regardless of where the text. So, any abbreviation can immediately be automatically replaced by a user-defined replacement option. This can be useful not only for speed dialing but also in any other situations, for example, in programming. It thus automate keystrokes makes every task very simple.

Automate keystrokes AutoHotkey features

  • Change the keyboard layout (for example, from QWERTY to Dvorak or others);
  • Use keyboard shortcuts to quickly paste frequently used text;
  • A set of characters that are not available on a regular keyboard;
  • Control the mouse cursor from the keyboard or joystick;
  • Run programs, open documents and websites in a couple of clicks;
  • Automation of adding signatures to letters and messages;
  • System monitoring and automatic closing of unnecessary programs;
  • Schedule reminders, system scans, backups, and other tasks;
  • Automate repetitive operations;
  • Automate form filling.

Thus, the program AutoHotkey will be indispensable to all those who want to fully automate their work on the computer, simplifying operations with input devices such as a mouse, keyboard or joystick. In addition, it is possible to download the program Autohotkey for free, which is another advantage for such an extremely useful tool. 

AutoHotkey is completely free. This is a powerful tool to help automate keystrokes and thus routine tasks that you have to perform daily manually, as well as create complex scripts for performing multi-step operations.

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