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Android device emulator Droid4X download

Droid4X is a full-fledged Android device emulator, which is designed to run mobile applications on a computer running Windows.


Product Title:Droid4X
Developer:Droid4X Team
Category:Desktop Enhancements
Last Updated:January 2019
Language Support:Multiple Languages
Download Size:278 MB – Download Now

The popularity of smartphones, in particular, models running on the Android operating system, has led to the fact that many users have a need to install this OS on a computer in order to play mobile games and just run popular applications on a PC. For these purposes, the Droid4X application was created, allowing you to quickly and easily emulate Android on a Windows computer.

Droid4X is a full-fledged Android device emulator
Droid4X is a full-fledged Android device emulator

A pleasant moment working with the Android device emulator will be the possibility of launching bulky 3D games, as well as the function of reassigning virtual control keys to the mechanical keys of a computer or laptop familiar to everyone. Another nuance in working with the Droid4X emulator will be its incomplete compliance with its mobile counterpart.  The Android device emulator does an excellent job of quickly launching gaming applications, providing them with the most convenient environment, but has an unusual interface. In principle, the interface itself is fairly simple, easy to use and intuitive, so familiarization with it will not take much time.

Features of Droid4X Android device emulator

In addition to all the above advantages and opportunities, the application has a number of characteristic features. This is primarily:

  • The ability to get a virtual Android environment on your PC.
  • Software installation does not take much time, and the process takes place without any failures or interruptions. The only time it takes is to download the Droid4X GUI itself.
  • When installing an application, it can be difficult if VirtualBox was pre-installed on the user’s PC, the elements of which are also in the emulator, which may cause incompatibility of applications. 
  • Before installing the emulator, you must remove the program from Oracle, as they are also incompatible.
  • The installed Droid4X emulator allows you to quickly and seamlessly run any applications and games with Android on the user’s computer.
  • By downloading Droid4X for free, you can easily master Google PlayMarket, while choosing your favorite games and applications.
  • The software allows you to browse sites in a mobile device mode, as well as take screenshots, etc.

Additional Feature

In addition to the above, Droid4X Android device emulator will be pleasantly surprised by the flexibility and simplicity of its settings and almost unlimited capabilities, especially in the field of games. You can effortlessly adjust the screen resolution, change its orientation, adjust the volume, videotape important moments or favorite landscapes, and take screenshots of certain fragments.

Separately, it is worth noting that the Droid4X allows you to simulate touch control or jogging with the usual keyboard and mouse buttons, and perform the synchronization process between a mobile device with Android OS and PC. The indisputable advantage of this software, in comparison with analogs, is the ability to install special clients on mobile devices with both Android OS and iOS. When you connect the same smartphone to your PC, you can use it as a jog in one or another game. In this case, the emulator supports full-screen game mode.


Droid4X Android device emulator has a relatively small amount of memory, its settings are simple and clear, and it has an intuitive interface and, while everyone has a very high level of performance, designed mainly for working with games. Therefore, we can conclude that the Droid4X is a gaming simulator that allows you to transfer all games from mobile devices to a stationary computer and it is definitely worth downloading for installation on Windows PC. Download now for the following link.

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