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7-Zip: The best archiving software

7-Zip is a multifunctional and freely distributed file archiving software with a multithreaded information compression algorithm. You will find a free download link at the bottom of the article. It has an intuitive interface and a serious set of supported formats. It can super compress files of all sorts.


Product Title:7-Zip
Category:Compression and Backup
License:Open Source
Last Updated:February 21, 2019
Language Support:Multiple languages
Download Size:1.13 MB – Download Now

The test launch of 7-zip took place in 1999, and already then the developers started testing non-standard methods of working with data. As a result – in 2001, the LZMA algorithm appeared, which a revolution in the genre became: support for multithreading, lightning-fast processing of information, increased speed of compression and file extraction. Since then, the archiver does not stop developing and is overgrown with new functions. The added functions noticeably simplify the processes of packing and unpacking. You can download the latest version of 7-Zip from the official website.

7-Zip archiving software
7-Zip is a free open source file archiving software

Specifications of 7-Zip archiving software

The advantages of the 7-zip archiving software are visible immediately after installation: the intuitive interface with the correct Multilanguage translation (60 languages ​​in total, including rare, such as simplified Chinese), predictable navigation and advertising protection, and a separate section “Help”, where the developers have tried to talk about the algorithm of action and additional functionality. And it’s worth talking about many things:

  • Dozens of supported formats ranging from 7z, ZIP and WIM, and ending with RAR, NTFS, and XAR.
  • Availability of the “self-extracting archives” preparation menu, for which separate programs for extracting files are not required (the function is useful in cases when important software has to be unpacked where archives cannot be installed).
  • The function of encrypting information using the AES-256 algorithm.
  • Full integration into the shell of Microsoft Windows. The 7-zip control commands will appear in the right-click context menu.
  • The “Test” button helps to conduct a surface testing of the performance of a personal computer and suggest what time it will take to prepare or decompress the archives.
  • And the archiver is easy to turn into a file manager that helps to clean up the hard drives.

Advantages of 7-Zip

In addition to the positive characteristics described above, there are 5 more nice bonuses of the archiving software which worth highlighting:

  • 7-Zip is distributed free of charge, and the source code is open for study and editing;
  • The archiver is available in versions for 32 and 64-bit Windows operating systems;
  • Launching the unpacking and unpacking tool is possible on Linux and Mac OS in a Portable format with saving settings and adjustments made to the visual design.
  • To verify the collected archives, developers are allowed to use a tool to calculate checksums;
  • When packing files, no one bothers to choose the number of threads used.

Disadvantages of the archiving software

  • In 7-zip, you cannot check the collected archives for errors, viruses and possible damage. It greatly increases the chances of parting with important information;
  • The set of available commands that are embedded in the Windows context menu is hidden in a separate directory and is difficult to access;
  • When using the archiver, you cannot control the order of the files within the archive;

If you were looking for a free, simple, and at the same time powerful archiver, then, in this case, 7-zip fits perfectly. You can download 7-Zip for free, without registration from the following link:

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