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360 Total Security is a complete antivirus

360 Total Security is a serious anti-virus software for permanent protection and maintenance of your computer, laptop and mobile phone or tablet based on Android OS against various threats in real-time with an Internet connection or without online support. The latest version of the free 360 ​​Total Security has become one of the most logical solutions this year to protect computers running Windows OS, as well as Android devices from the whole variety of modern security threats.

360 Total Security
360 Total Security is a complete antivirus


Product Title: 360 Total Security
Developer: Qihu 360 Software Co
Category: Security Software
License: Freeware
Last Updated: August 23, 2019
Compatibility: Windows, Mac
Language: Multiple Languages
Download Size: 1.5 MB – Download Now

Brief description of 360 Total Security

Powerful anti-virus software 360 ​​Total Security is used both on a computer and a laptop with Windows or Mac OS, and on portable devices in the Android version as a permanent antivirus to protect against viruses, worms, spyware, and other malware, real or potentially threatening security. 360 Connect allows you to remotely help in solving problems using iOS and Android tablets and smartphones.

Cloud service and fast automatic update of virus databases several times a day provide unsurpassed protection against the latest threats and malicious technologies of unauthorized access. Additional tools for optimizing PC cleaning and cleaning allow you to solve a wide range of issues regarding the maintenance of a personal computer or laptop; simply enough to download the 360 ​​Total Security free onto a computer and quickly install in a couple of minutes. After installing antivirus with your email address you can additionally download PC Analyzer – a utility for cleaning the operating system and increasing computer performance, as well as other useful programs, utilities, modules, components, and add-ons.

Technological advantages and functional advantages

It’s best to personally download 360 Total Security for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 from the official site to appreciate all the technological advantages of Free 360 ​​Total Security developed by the Chinese farm Qihoo 360. For speedy threat search uses QVMII proactivity, there is no better tool for detecting and identifying malware than the cloudy 360 Cloud Engine Online; in the absence of the Internet, the built-in capabilities of Avira and Bitdefender are connected.

360 Total Security ensures maximum security

It is worth knowing that to ensure the maximum level of security you need a stable connection to the Internet. System Backup is used for backup and restore from backups. Wifi and network security, Internet security, vulnerability elimination, optimization, and acceleration are provided by relevant services. The privacy consultant will advise which user programs may have access to personal and personal data. Perfectly integrated firewall interaction successfully copes with blocking malicious intrusion attempts. Sandbox for questionable files allows you to test potentially malicious programs without the threat of system infection.


Programmers from Qihoo 360 were able to create a multi-functional software product with a powerful concept and excellent practical implementation. Generally, it is enough to download 360 Total Security for a computer, so that one application deals with all services: protection, vulnerability elimination and optimization of the desktop computer or laptop. Moreover, this security software perfectly gets on with other antiviruses and utility programs, without conflicting with them. Positive reviews and comments from both computer specialists and regular users allow you to advise you to download 360 Total Security for free without any hazard. The following functional advantages of 360 Total Security are noteworthy:

  • full, fast or user-selectable scan,
  • constantly updated anti-virus database,
  • connection of additional anti-virus engines, if necessary,
  • check the reliability of WiFi and home network,
  • blocking malicious sites, checking downloaded files,
  • blocking malicious objects with bad behavior,
  • check removable drives and flash media, both when connected and arbitrarily,
  • cleaning file garbage, registry, autoload and error correction,
  • cleaning the operating system from faulty or unnecessary drivers,
  • perfect interaction with the firewall,
  • low system load and high speed,
  • Skins to customize the interface.

It is enough to download 360 Total Security and use the ability to scan and neutralize a computer or laptop. Go to any web sites safely, shop online, use e-mail, download files, and share information. The developers have done everything necessary to organize powerful protection against malicious programs and hackers and intruders, block the interception of confidential and personal data and make work on any computer or laptop comfortable.

Download 360 Total Security for Windows and Android version

For confident use on any device, you need the latest version of 360 Total Security free download via the download link from the official site and remember the relevance of periodic updates. Those who are interested in free antivirus applications for Android can download the latest version of 360 Total Security for Android from Google Play. We welcome the desire to leave feedback, comments, and questions.

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